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Alan Tudyk Talks About His Cut Cameo as a Pilot in Rogue One


As ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story edges closer and closer to its theatrical release, one has to wonder just how much of the film that we’ve seen in recent trailers, BTS footage and other media will actually make it into its final cut. Recently, one of the stars of the new spin-off movie spoke out about a small scene of his own that was deleted from the film. Read on for more!





In a new Reddit AMA interview, while promoting his ConMan web TV series, star Alan Tudyk (who plays the reprogrammed Imperial droid K-2SO) dropped an interesting tidbit regarding a cameo appearance in ‘Rogue One’ that featured the actor himself as a pilot.




The pilot character, whom Tudyk says will be absent from the final cut of the film, seems to have been based on another character that he plays in his web Con Man TV series named ‘Wray Nerely’.


Tudyk explains:


I had a cameo I just found out got cut.” he said. Yeah, I guess it’s a cameo- Wray Nerely. So the character that I play in Con Man, sort of my alter ego in Con Man, had a role in Rouge One. I played a pilot, and the scene got cut. I just found out. Did Wray Nerely survive? I was really looking forward to seeing Wray Nerely in Star Wars, but truthfully Wray Nerely would never get that good of a job. So it was probably pretty good that he didn’t.”


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Cut scenes are an inevitability in a feature film and almost always come down to the simple need for a much shorter film. Sometimes there isn’t a choice, but in this case, I think it still would have been cool to see Alan Tudyk’s face on screen and have him back in the pilot’s chair again (Firefly) – even if it was a small bit part.


May the Force be with us!