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Riz Ahmed on the Star Wars Reshoots. He Says Rogue One Is “Like a War Movie”!

Riz Ahmed

Image by EW


After several weeks of dark rumors about the Rogue One reshoots, now come the weeks with reports reassuring the fans that these reshoots are perfectly normal, and there is no truth in the rumors that half of the movie is being remade. First, it was Mads Mikkelsen who tried to calm things down in an interview with the Independent. Then EW took this to another level speaking directly to the likes of Kathleen Kennedy and Gareth Edwards on the truth about the reshoots. Now actor Riz Ahmed shares his thoughts, discussing the reshoots, the negative reports surrounding the movie (calling them bonkers) and Rogue One in general…



According to EW’s coverage on Rogue One from last week Riz Ahmed plays Bodhi Rook – the lead pilot of the rebels. He is said to be a hot-headed but very experienced cargo pilot, who tends to be a little tense. It’s also a mystery, why his uniform has an Imperial logo on his shoulder.


Recently Ahmed spoke with BBC and shared his thoughts on the reshoots, the negative reports on the movie and more.


From BBC.co.uk:

Reshoots on major movies aren’t “uncommon” according to one of the stars of Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Riz Ahmed. Riz said producers “allocate a budget always for reshoots”. He added that he could understand why people were “fixated” on the production of the movie though.


Riz will play lead pilot Bodhi Rook in Rogue One, which he described as “like a war movie”.


“A film has three lives: it’s the script, it’s the shoot and it’s the edit. And by the time you get to the edit its always a slightly different film. “And then you go ‘OK right, it’s that type of film? OK well let’s go back and create the pieces we need to make that’.”


Riz admitted that he’d read some of the negative reports surrounding Rogue One, which is due for general release at the end of this year. He said they were “bonkers”. “I can’t speak for Disney, but I’m happy. I think we did some really cool stuff before, we’re doing some really cool stuff now. “I think it’s going to be a pretty cool film, because it’s a slightly different kind of Star Wars. It’s like a war movie.”


Only in two weeks time we will have even more info and new footage from Rogue One at Star Wars: Celebration. The big question is whether the footage will be a new trailer or some behind the scenes stuff like they did with The Force Awakens.

Start Wars: Celebration starts on July 15 with the Rogue One panel.