Star Wars Weekly Social Buzz! Rebels Season 2 Blu-Ray Release Date Revealed and More.

DaisyThis week we have some more funny tweets from Mark Hamill, the official release date of Star Wars: Rebels season 2 on blu-ray, a surprising Star Wars Legends character makes it on a new Celebration poster, Daisy Ridley singing together with Barbra Streisand and Anne Hathaway, more from John Boyega and of course Pablo Hidalgo…



The official Star Wars site has just revealed the release date of the Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 blu-ray – August 30!





Our friend Le Jedi Lorrain made an interesting discovery on this new Star Wars Celebration poster:



Yes, that’s right. That’s Admiral Thrawn in the blue circle. Keep in mind though that this poster features all kinds of Star Wars characters – characrters from the new canon and characters from Legends. Even there are characters that are not Star Wars related at all. But still it’s cool to see the military strategist making it on the poster.



Mark Hamill is working really hard on Episode VIII. 14 hour working days sounds like a lot of Luke Skywalker in the movie! Great news for all of us.




It appears that Hamill is “HUGE Oscar Isaac fan”. Will they meet in Episode VIII? Wait for it. 🙂




Mark has a new toy. It’s weird to keep your father’s head at home, right?




John Boyega and Mark Hamill were together at the opening of the Aladdin Musical in London.




Mark’s reaction to the 2 Suns discovery from NASA:





Magic Leap (a company about Virtual Reality) has announced their new project:


More on that story HERE.




The official Star Wars Celebration site has just revealed the Collector’s Track Medallions for this year’s event:

 announced new Mondo prints:





IGN shared 10 minutes of gameplay with LEGO Star Wars: The Force Awakens game:





Some tweets about the now open Disneyland Shanghai:





Check out Daisy Ridley recording vocals for Barbra Streisand’s latest song At the Ballet:





Enough singing, let’s get back to business 🙂




John Boyega proves once again that he is the best kind of celebrity and human being, visiting his local children’s hospice Demelza for a Star Wars party:





A few days ago we posted on Twitter a warning message about Twitter member KY10REY, who has been constantly fabricating stuff about Episode VIII and misleading the fans. We did that because some sites started picking up his stories, and we wanted to prevent another Supershadow, since we knew that this guy is not involved with the production in any way. Some sites even posted interviews with this guy, which resulted in another post by us on Twitter trying to warn people that he is false. Then we got an unexpected help. 🙂


Thank you Pablo! Case closed.


In the last few weeks there has been an increased number of fake posters on different forums and social networks, so be careful. Some of their fan fiction might be pretty good, but this doesn’t make them legit.

As someone said on Twitter (and later removed it):

There’s a fine line between making shit up and making up shit.



And now some more tweets by Pablo.


On the Rogue One reshoots:




On the EU:

EU2 eu3 eu4 eu5


Stay tuned for more next week.


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    Is it me or the woman with the white jacket is Kathleen Kennedy

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    Pablo didn’t answer enough questions this week.

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    The rebels season 2 blu-ray might make me break my oath to wait until a complete series collector’s edition….

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