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UPDATE! SWNN Giveaway: Matt Ferguson’s Limited Edition Star Wars Saga Official Posters!

PostersThe good folks from Bottleneck Gallery in NY are giving away 1 set of three officially licensed Star Wars Saga posters by artist Matt Ferguson to our readers. Answer a simple question for a chance to win these limited edition pieces of art…


Artist Matt Ferguson has done really an exceptional job with this set of simple, yet very recognizable and awesome looking posters from the galaxy far, far away. These posters are officially licensed by Lucasfilm and Acme Archives, and I am sure that every Star Wars fan will gladly put them on their walls.


The sale of these posters already started yesterday and will end on Sunday (February 28th at 11:59pm ET). The printed number of posters will depend on how many sets are sold until that day, and they’ll never be released again. The gold variant of the posters has been already sold out (it had a limited run of 225).




Here are the posters’ specs:

  • Set of 3 screen prints on cougar white paper.
  • 12 x 24 inches (each).
  • Matching numbered timed edition.
  • Officially licensed by Acme Archives & Lucasfilm.
  • Will start Thursday, February 25th at 12pm eastern and end Sunday, February 28th at 11:59pm eastern. Edition will be announced on Monday.
  • $100 each


You can buy one of these sets HERE. Remember that you have only 3 days to do so.


One of our readers will get a set with these posters for free. Just fill the form below and answer the question in the comments section:

There are no restrictions for nationality. The contest will end on Monday.


And here’s a better look at the posters.

MattFergusonNewHope MattFergusonEmpireStrikes MattFergusonReturn

Good luck and thanks to Bottleneck for the fantastic prize!





The winner of this set of posters is Bex. He’s been randomly picked from the members with the highest score.


Tomorrow we will be running another giveaway for all the people that live in or near New York. We will be giving 5 tickets for a special event taking place there. Stay tuned.



119 Responses

  1. jhollender says:

    Awesome art! Thanks for the opportunity

  2. Zcure1 says:

    Empire is truly a great film, but the original Star Wars is my favorite. No it’s Empire.. No, it’s Star Wars 😉

    • obijuanmartinez says:

      I’m in the minority. I know the popular answer is ESB, but I favor Ep. IV b/c it’s the only film that functions as a standalone story…that & it was the 1st one I ever saw, so it has a sentimental impact as well!

      • AlienofDoom says:

        You pretty much gave my exact reasons for preferring IV. Of all the Star Wars films, it’s the one that’s the most pure in it’s escapism (not that the other’s are bad more adding emotional layers).

  3. YXalr says:

    1. Oo, A nice new place! Wonder what’s inside!
    2. …
    3. *lights the match* Nope…

  4. Bryan Garcia says:

    Despite it’s shortcomings at times, Return of the Jedi has always been my favorite due to its final act, the attack on the Death Star on the ground and in the air, and my personal favorite part, the duel between Luke and Vader at the end, the pure emotion in that scene, combined with masterful music makes it my favorite part of the entire saga. Also, these prints are gorgeous.

  5. Pete Gifford says:

    My favorite OT movie is Empire Strikes Back!

  6. Kathy Cain says:

    From the time my cousin first introduced me to Star Wars at the tender age of six, Empire Strikes Back has always been my favorite

  7. Bex YAbookexchange says:

    The Empire Strikes Back. And these posters are gorgeous!

  8. JaydenIrwin says:

    I dont see the question.. but if it was “favorite movie” then Force Awakens (followed by Revenge Of The Sith)

  9. phinfan309 says:


  10. Nick Pezhead says:

    The Empire Strikes back!

  11. The Divine God of Pooch Poo says:

    Return of the Jedi

  12. Fanboy JoeyB says:

    ESB…there were no character introductions – the plot just jumped straight in with character development.

  13. Jonathan Moore says:

    Jedi is by far my favorite. The completion of the hero’s journey and the redemption of Vader, brought about by the son. Classic tale of father and son. Plus, Luke is a badass at Jabba’s and the sailbarge.

  14. Seth Hasler says:


  15. Maxmilian Pirner says:

    The Empire Strikes back.

  16. Luke McAllister says:

    Empire Strikes Back

  17. Tervlon says:

    Empire is my favorite, but that ANH hope poster is dope.

  18. Šimun Končić says:

    The original aka “A new hope” for me. It introduced everything that’s good in Star Wars.

  19. aschauer says:

    A New Hope. Because it was the original. Influenced by Joseph Campbell, Akira Kurosawa and Flash Gordon. It introduced us to characters who are very relatable and now considered classic. It also had of the most memorable movie villains ever. And it inspired countless other filmmakers worldwide. It is the reason why we have The Force Awakens and more stories coming.

  20. gabearellano says:

    My favorite is Empire Strikes Back, which I know is a cliche answer but one of the reasons why it’s my favorite is because it was such a darker tone compared to the original and as a kid, that was something new to me. I also love how we got to see more of Darth Vader and what he’s capable of as well as the twist reveal that blew me away when I first saw it and it has stuck with me since then.

  21. Commander Faol says:

    Empire Strikes Back

  22. Craig says:

    Empire of course!

  23. Gabe Pope says:

    Star Wars, the original. Nothing can compare to the atmosphere of that movie.

  24. Roel Veldhuyzen says:

    Oh man, those are gorgeous!

  25. BBN7 says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  26. Jacob Johnson says:

    favorite would have to be Empire

  27. Joshua La-Page says:

    Empire is my favourite

  28. Pete Wells says:

    Empire too! Great compo!

  29. Kenny Ritchie says:

    Empire. The Star Wars benchmark. Best story, script, and sets. Still stands up very well to this day.

  30. brian says:

    Empire, but it’s really hard to choose.

  31. The Original Drew #BAEROD says:

    Empire the best movie but my favorite is ROTJ. The Space Battle above the forest moon of Endor is the best in the entire saga. Plus the moment of the son redeeming the father, just amazing.

  32. El_Tigre says:

    STAR WARS. Where it all began.

  33. Omar Malik says:


  34. Todd Kieswetter says:

    Empire Strikes Back

  35. Jardmonkey says:

    Empire Strikes Back

  36. flipside927 says:

    Empire Strikes Back

  37. CountSolo says:

    All three (plus the prequels, even though the question’s not asking for it) -Frolin O.

  38. Señor Cardgage says:

    These are amazing… Thank you so much for letting us see these, SWNN!!! I’m buying a set right now!

  39. Duck Off! says:

    Star Wars, Nothing but Star Wars!
    Give me those Star Wars!…Don’t let them end!

  40. TUD says:

    The Empire Trikes Back, definitely. The emotion, depth, and story are unmatched by nearly any movie ever.

    • Michelle Lehto says:

      I agree, I love Empire Trikes Back myself. The scene where Luke’s tricycle hits Vader’s is just perfect.

  41. shaggy says:

    A New Hope

  42. Colin Walker says:

    Empire Strikes Back – 1980 version

  43. SometimesBroken says:

    I love Empire, but there’s something about Return of the Jedi that has always struck close to the heart. I don’t know, maybe it’s the Ewoks, but most likely it’s the Luke, Vader and Emperor showdown. No… it’s the Ewoks.

  44. Todd Pritchard says:

    Return of the Jedi!

  45. Michelle Lehto says:

    Empire Strikes Back. Hands down, no contest.

  46. Ryan Bachiochi says:

    It has to be A New Hope. As much as I love our heroes in peril (ESB), there’s just something ultimately satisfying on how that movie’s ending was.

  47. david_andrew says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  48. Nathan Taylor says:

    ESB is by far my favorite, isn’t it everyones?

  49. Rob S. says:

    I gotta say, Episode V, The Empire Strikes back is my favorite of the original trilogy films. Dark, gritty, and one of the greatest plot twists in cinematic history gives it the edge for me. All of the OT films are so good though its hard to choose, but its gotta be Empire!

  50. Matěj Winkler says:

    As a kid: Return of the Jedi. Now: Empire strikes back

  51. NYJD21 says:

    Empire – its the movie we refer to when we measure today’s franchise sequels.

    “Is this sequel going to be the Empire Strikes Back of this franchise?”

  52. Jeff says:

    Empire, of course!

  53. Mike Ross says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  54. Nina says:

    I’d have to say Return of the Jedi although Empire Strikes Back is a very close second.

  55. Eric Skovira says:


  56. Andrew J. Smithson says:


  57. Jonathan D. says:

    V for sure, then VI, then IV

  58. Victor Costa says:

    Episode V for sure

  59. Calvin Chew says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  60. NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  61. Jarrad says:

    New phone wallpaper: Check!

  62. ZebroGodilla says:

    The Empire Strikes Back, with just enough over A New Hope

  63. Jake Wolfe says:

    If you would have asked me which of the Original Three was my favorite a year or two ago, I would have said Empire. But, even with the undeniably incredible quality with which Empire was crafted, the use of the greatest plot twist ever devised, and the introduction of both the wise and resonant Yoda, and the expertly cast and deliciously evil Emperor, only the Original Star Wars made that all possible.

    The perfectly titled A New Hope was, both within the frame of its canon and outside of it, exactly that. It transformed the public consciousness, forever changing popular culture and even the way movies were made, and immediately made movies both genuinely fun, and deeply meaningful, again. The fantasy tone, the Hero’s Journey, the use of universal character archetypes, and the positive, hopeful message of the inevitability of good triumphing over evil, worked together to build a film that meant something to everyone that saw it, and stands strong even today.

    It has a beginning, a middle, and an end, and works better than most other movies do as a stand-alone film, even if it is now part of a far greater story. And that’s part of the appeal: anybody, no matter who they are or where they came from, has the ability to do great things, and has the power to defeat the evil in their life and build a better world. All they have to do is answer that Hero’s Call, and have faith in the unseen forces of good at work in the world.

  64. Gmarine Uaf says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  65. Jaros says:

    I know most people like TESB, but I’m a fan of ROTJ more than the other two

  66. SaxOps says:

    Empire Strikes Back!

  67. Christian says:


  68. Colin B says:

    Uhh Empire lol

  69. Aaron says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  70. Josh Mobley says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  71. Rural Fraught Gramer says:

    My fav original changes based on my mood. Sometimes it’s ESB. Other times it’s Jedi. Or A New Hope. But right now it’s Jedi 😉

    6.That Opera scene about Plagueis

  72. Nathan Belcher says:


  73. Grivis Trames says:

    Empire by far!

  74. Serena Powell says:

    Return of the Jedi is my favorite!

  75. Weston Konik says:

    when i was younger, Jedi was my favorite. Then it really depended on my mood… but as i have gotten older.. Empire is just awesome. I love a lot of the musical score during Cloud City segments.. very hunting. And those matte paintings…… too good.

  76. Timbo888 says:

    A New Hope! First is best!

  77. WJG says:

    I love ANH, but TESB is definitely my favourite!

  78. Lucas says:

    Empire is by far my favorite Star Wars movie. It feels like the most well made of all the films and has it’s own unique style.

  79. Melike says:

    I love all of them, and everytime I rewatch one of them I decide that’s my favourite. But I gotta say I think Empire is my favourite.

  80. Rainer Radloff says:

    In spite of the ewoks, Return of the Jedi is my favorite. I know Empire is the better movie, its darker and more critically acclaimed. But Vader’s redemption, Luke finding peace and the celebrational end theme just brought tears of joy into my eyes…

  81. Håkan Rönnberg says:

    A new hope, I’ll never forget when I saw it for the first time in the early 80’s, I was maybe 6 or seven years old.

  82. Char7Simons says:

    The original New Hope where Han shot first.

  83. Scott B says:

    A New Hope! But only just…

  84. Johan Persson says:

    A New Hope fore sure! Everytime I see a movie I compare it to ANH, no movie stand any chance at all! MTFBWY(can´t wait for Rouge One!)

  85. James says:

    Empire for life!!

  86. Doktor Sofus says:

    My favorite is Empire! 😉

  87. andychrist says:

    first ones the best poster ……, the other two are …. well ……. empire is exactly the image youd expect them to use and jedi looks a bit fan artish ,

  88. Jake Thompson says:

    It has to be Empire Strikes Back, one of the most perfect movies ever made!

  89. Ggg says:

    The movie theater I somethings go to has an original Star Wars poster. The thing was 8 feet long. My dream
    Is to get one of those.

  90. Mark says:

    Empire Strikes Back.

  91. Admiral Petty says:

    Empire Strikes Back, A New Hope got everything started in amazing fashion, but Empire took all of those ideas and elevated them to an even greater level, in the process creating not just the best Star Wars film, but one of the greatest films of all time period.

  92. DarthKevin says:

    The Empire Strikes Back. Let’s be honest with ourselves: while A New Hope (aka just “Star Wars”) was revolutionary and Return of the Jedi brought an unreal conclusion to the Original Trilogy, it is the unparalleled standard of the Kershner-collaborated masterpiece by which fans rate all of the 7+ films. It is also worth noting that the iconic “I am your father” is relevant to the Sequel Trilogy via Luke’s lightsaber, but, “I’m afraid that’s a story for another time.”

  93. Andrew Ngo says:

    It’s gotta be The Empire Strikes Back

  94. Tereza Maláčová says:

    Empire strikes back – what else?

  95. KillerJoe says:

    Jedi. Not saying it was the “best” film of the three…but Episode VI carries a ton of nostalgia for me.

  96. Zeno Kalowsky says:

    Empire Strikes Back without a doubt.

  97. BobaMett says:

    Empire is the best!

  98. Scott Pelzer says:

    No doubt, Empire is my favorite from the OT. Somehow, when I first watched them as a child (on VHS) I ended up watching Empire first, so it has quite a special place in my heart.

  99. Moon Y Mark says:

    Empire Strikes Back no DOUBT!

  100. Moon Y Mark says:

    Also, these posters are absolutely stunning. I really want them!

  101. Nathan Hobbs says:

    My favorite original trilogy movie is Return Of The Jedi.

  102. Snark Vader (alias Grant) says:

    Empire. Cliched answer but it’s what elevated the series from a popcorn flick to a multipart saga and has the best……well, Everything. Closest we’ll ever see to perfection in a Star Wars film. Fandom aside, It really is the best sequel ever made as well.

  103. Jordan Cuff says:

    Empire Strikes Back will always be my favourite, but it’s a close call with A New Hope.

  104. joefavs says:

    Virtual tie between ESB and ANH.

  105. Trent1211 says:

    Empire Strikes Back

  106. Sandy Hodnett says:

    An New Hope, just because I watched it so many times as a kid. It made me fall in love with the whole series.

  107. kos_pap says:

    the empires strikes back!

  108. Naythan Millya says:


  109. P. Porphyrosporus says:

    I have a soft spot for RotJ. 🙂

  110. Chris says:

    The Empire Strikes Back

  111. Krister Persson says:

    The Empire Strikes Back! My favorite film of all time.

  112. Javier Hernández Sanchiz says:

    The Empire Strikes Back!!

  113. Samuel Wallace says:

    I love how the posters flow together.
    Luke > Enter Death Star > Vader > Luke Exits the Death Star with Vader’s remains.
    Wow, that really encapsulates the entire Skywalker saga in 3 images. :O