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Listen to a Track from the New Star Wars Headspace Album!

Bounty Hunters

Few days ago announced the upcoming release of “Star Wars Headspace” – a compilation album where famous bands mixes electronic music with original sound effects and clips from the Star Wars universe. Now you can listen to one of the tracks from the compilation…


The famous Norwegian duo Röyksopp were among the selected bands to record a track for the compilation. You can listen to it below:



Hollywood Records and American Recordings are behind the album produced by former Grammy winner Rick Rubin. The compilation will be released digitally on February 19 and in stores on March 19. Here’s the full track list:



1. C-3P0’s – Plight Kaskade

2. Help Me! – GTA

3. Force – TroyBoi

4. Cantina Boys – Baauer

5. Jabba Flow: Rick Rubin Re-Work (feat. A-Trak) – Shag Kava

6. R2 Knows (feat. Barry Drift) – Claude VonStroke

7. NR-G7 – Rick Rubin

8. Ghomrassen – Bonobo

9. Bounty Hunters – Röyksopp

10. Sunset Over Manaan – ATTLAS

11. R2 Where R U? – Flying Lotus

12. Druid Caravan of Smoke – Shlohmo

13. EWOK PUMPP – Rustie

14. Scruffy-Looking Nerfherder – Galantis

15. Star Tripper – Breakbot



It’s also interesting that track 5  is actually a remix of J.J. Abrams’ and Lin-Manuel Miranda’s fan-favorite “Jabba Flow” from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. That’s the Cantina music from Maz Kanata’s castle in which Abrams himself was recorded singing.



Thanks to Fredrik S. Fadnes for the heads up