Star Wars: The Force Awakens Outgrosses Avatar in America, Sets IMAX Records, and Makes $1.56 Billion Worldwide! - Star Wars News Net
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens Outgrosses Avatar in America, Sets IMAX Records, and Makes $1.56 Billion Worldwide!


Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens continues to demolish records as it passes the domestic gross of the initial $749.7 million release of Avatar (not counting the $1o.7 million gross brought theatrical run of the Special Edition, which should be surpassed later today). This makes it The Force Awakens the highest-grossing film in the United States when not adjusted for inflation, and the film has also set new records for the IMAX format and has made over $1.5 billion worldwide.


As of this writing, Box Office Mojo and Coming Soon report that the film has made $758.2 million domestically and $799.1 million internationally, which adds up to a worldwide total of $1,557.3 million – all in a mere three weeks. The Hollywood Reporter has also noted that by the end of today, the movie will clear the $760 million mark and will take Avatar‘s title as the #1 movie in America. Variety also noted that the movie is doing extremely well on IMAX screens around the globe:

The premium theaters are getting a big boost from Star Wars: The Force Awakens both in the United States and around the world. Through last weekend, the film has made a massive $152 million from Imax showings globally, making it the second highest-grossing release in the company’s history. It has a very strong chance of overtaking Avatar and its $243.3 million global haul once it opens next weekend in China, where it will screen on 268 IMAX locations.
The film is reaching high-water marks at a record pace. The Force Awakens reached its current IMAX grosses in 19 days, whereas it took Avatar 47 days to hit the same number and it had the benefit of having opened in China by that point. The North American IMAX results stand at $98.2 million, the second best in the company’s history, and it should cross $100 million early next week.

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So this leaves The Force Awakens as the #1 movie in terms of domestic gross for a single release (which will soon be #1 overall, once Avatar‘s re-release is surpassed), and the #4 movie in terms of domestic and international grosses. (And bear in mind – it still has yet to open in the ever-important box office of China.) In terms of where this leaves The Force Awakens relative to other movies when adjusted for inflation, it’s currently ranked #21 – and by the time the movie’s domestic gross has ended, it could very well clear Avatar‘s inflation-adjusted record.


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