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Star Wars: The Force Awakens in 60 Seconds!


Star Wars: The Force Awakens has just got the speedrun treatment. See the movie in 60 seconds, done in a hilarious way!






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  • Rob Potter

    That was really good! The urge to spend the time and money to see the movie again has been quickly satisfied while sitting on the toilet. On with my life!

  • Adavanter Mki

    I never thought I’d laugh at that death scene… but I just did. lol well done.

  • dasjerm

    wow that was dense. Every single frame had so much going on. Oh yea, and fuck you Rick Berman!

    • nph53

      its like poetry, it rhymes…hopefully it will work.

    • JabbaWocky

      Wait, that ain’t Rick Berman. What is it with Ricks?

    • TUD

      But hey, George Lucas didn’t ruin my childhood. Fucking polio did!

  • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

    I’d like to see versions of I-VI about this. Sounds like they spoke Lego/Minion/Simlish all at once.

    • SonOfConstantDiligence

      Only Ep. 4 and 7 have been done so far that I’m aware of.

      • Snark Vader (alias Grant)

        Probably in the works then. Good excuse to check out their site now. I’d like to see the Indy trilogy next.