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Pablo Hidalgo Discusses the New Star Wars Canon.

Pablo_Hidalgo_RebelsLucasfilm Story Group member Pablo Hidalgo just had a chat with Vanity Fair. In the interview, Hidalgo brought up how the approach to Star Wars continuity has changed ever since they applied the continuity wipe.



Vanity Fair: In terms of history, you’re not just talking about the films and the TV shows, but also novels, comics, games?


Pablo Hidalgo: Yeah, any sort of storytelling that’s been done in the Star Wars space. We kind of break that out to different degrees of what we call canon, you know—whether or not we’re beholden to it in new storytelling going forward. It’s like if someone will come into a situation and say, “Have we ever done a story like this?” And I could be able to say, “Yeah, we did that, but it was, like, in a 1978 comic book, so, you know, take that as you will.” In the past, our storytelling had been a little bit more haphazard, and we had to make those maps after the fact and make realizations of like, Oh, if we move this story here, it connects properly, right? But now we’re able to be bit more formal and organized beforehand, and that’s super-exciting. I’m the kind of guy who responds well to whiteboard illustrations that show, Oh, this is where we’re going next and this is where we’ve been, because that kind of builds the world in my mind as we start going towards there.


VF: So all the novels that have come out over the years about, for instance, what happened to Han and Luke and Leia after Return of the Jedi, those are all “inoperative” now?


PH: We’ve now branded that as Star Wars Legends, because, you know, there are great stories told there, but in all honesty they were written in an era where there was no expectation that we were going to add new movies or cinematic content onto that. So they blazed new trails there without the benefit of that knowledge, and they told really cool and compelling stories, but it’s not necessarily the stories that we want to tell on-screen.


VF: But I always thought George Lucas had ideas in his back pocket for a third trilogy. He spoke about it from time to time, though sometimes he denied it, too. Whatever those ideas were, did they necessarily guide the different novels and comics and whatnot?


PH: It was sort of guidance by absence, in a weird way, like he told us what not to do but not necessarily what to do. It was like, “Don’t do this with that character, don’t do that.”



The interview continues to maintain that Lucasfilm going forward is going to focus on the larger picture at hand as opposed to creating an island of works that ignore some aspects of continuity. It also makes a note that while George Lucas rarely got involved with the EU, he still had a vision for the future of the franchise.



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  • Anonymous

    I’m happy this new era is all canon now. It’s so much easier to follow one big better story instead of hundreds of smaller ones.

    • Aps

      It’s all talking and PR. I don’t see any difference now, new stories are not connected in any way, and things like A New Dawn-Rebels we had in EU times. Also, from less official statements we can hear for example they don’t know how Rebels could connect with TFA, or Rouge One (which is set in same period), so it all loooks like just a talk.

      Same like Shapiro saying that new Canon novels are of higher quality than EU. It’s bullshit, none of the new books were nearly as good as some of the EU novels, and, well, Heir to the Jedi was terrible.

      Nothing changed.

      • Disney destructed star wars

        Yeah, Tarkin was very poor novel. Hole plot based on shipjacking Tarkin’s ship. I do not buy any new canon novels in future. Disney’s sole aim is only cash in fans who are waiting good quality.

        • TSElliott

          So far Tarkin has been the best novel. Digging deeper into HIS character and past, why he was so hard and his relationship to Palpatine: from similar backgrounds as well as the awesome discussion with Vader in the book!!! And the fact the he knows about Vader???? He thinks???? Very Good novel me thinks! Not I,Jedi!! But none were!! Thanks for that one M. S.!!!!

          • NC

            Have to agree with you, out of all the new canon nonsense, tarkin was the best, but it was still a poor book.
            A new dawn was the worst.
            I’ve accepted the new canon change, it was unnecessary, but this is disney’s baby now so they can do what they want.
            My gripe is the “new direction”, limitations and conditions that the LSG seem to have placed on writers, it’s stifling the creativity of the writers. That’s where all these bad ideas seem to be coming from.

            • White Privileged kill yourselves

              I thought Tarkin sucked I got to the last chapter of the audiobook and turned it off.

              A new dawn was ok but not great.

              I really loved Darth Plagueis but that is a legends book


              • Disney destructed star wars

                Legends or Canon, you name it. If some book is good, it is worth to read it. Nothing star wars story has happened in real life. Nobody do not forbid you to read Legends book. They are so good because authors had passion writing those stories. Today, I guess, everything in bookmaking is so specified, because LSG.

            • Anonymous

              Rebel’s is a joke, that show is absolutely llllaaammeee….I don’t get why everyone praises it….

      • Anonymous

        They’re already connecting the comics and the novels (Crymorah Syndicate), the various tv shows and the books (TCW, Tarkin and Rebels having kyber crystal subplots, Tarkin’s ship being the Sovereign), the novels and TFA (Luke finding a lightsaber with three crystal slots in HTTJ). Based on the spoilers, we have two parallels in Rebels and TFA already (Vader burning a village/Kylo Ren burning a village, a black Stormtrooper with possible Force-powers or connections to someone that has them). There’s more coordination now in less than a year than the old system had.

        • Luuke22

          I still don’t buy the “three crystal” theory about the new saber. KOTOR sabers had room for 3 crystals: one to power/color the saber, 2 to add to its power. Luke finding a saber with three crystals just sounds like an older connection to KOTOR (this book was already in development before the new EU, it was delayed in order to “tweak” it to fit into the new canon).

  • Yo Da Boss

    Lucky man you are, Hidalgo !

  • Dude in a hat

    Huh, Hidalgo comes across like a pretty grounded, classy individual

  • Mark

    I’m so happy they have finally canonized the EU. I’ve loved Start Wars my whole life and I’ve been getting into it like never before, with the animated series, comics and the novels. I tried years ago getting into the EU but it was way too convoluted and sometimes just downright lame. Thank you for starting the story group!

  • Anonymous

    Happy with the new canon thus far, and the approach they’re taking with it.

    The “official” Clone Wars order still sucks, though.

    • Anonymous

      Why does it suck?

      • superponte

        agreed. Why does it suck? I watched it through with the new timeline and it flowed well.

      • Anonymous

        Because there are inconsistencies that could have easily been avoided. Todo -360 gets blown up, then is strangely whole again. Aurra Sing is arrested and is free again two episodes later. Obi-Wan casually says “You’ve met Satine” (in the present perfect), after Satine’s been murdered right in front of him. And so on.

  • RotS Community

    I like how they are organising everything, but still think they should let some EU novels in the New Canon. I am refering to the Darth Bane Trilogy and to the Darth Plagueis book. They are both related to the movies, and also really great. If they don’t they will have to retell those stories some day, and I doubt they will retell them as well as they are now!

    • Anonymous

      I believe they chose did also so there would not be conflict with Plaugesis. The fact that James Luceno said about drafts of plaugesis being constantly rejected by lucasfilm makes me think that he was supposed to have some role for the sequel trilogy.
      For darth bane, I think they should do a new novel. I liked the old trilogy, but many aspects seem to me a little not star wars like. For instance, I first read about the Force used to make other people having nightmares was something I didnt like much.

      • Anonymous

        Some believe Palpatine was causing Anakin’s visions about Padme. Which is why he suddenly mentions saving her. “The power to save Padme.” I don’t know how much sense it makes, but there it is.

        • Anonymous

          Always saw it that way….

        • Anonymous

          That’s one of the better ambiguities left there. But the fact he saw his mother in pain too kind of ruins that ambiguity.

    • Anonymous

      If they decided to let those in, other people will start clamoring for other stories to be let in as well. Next thing you know, you have an avalanche of stories randomly chosen to be added back into canon. I think it’s better the way it is now with a clean slate. In regards to Darth Bane, he should have his own anthology film. Maybe two.

  • Anonymous

    Its too bad Grand Admiral Thrawn has been erased from the timeline.

  • Anonymous

    Lets all be real for a second. You can say what you want about the Vong and the Swarm Wars, but we all know that Mara Jade is the reason for the season. If they aren’t going to bring her back and have the Luke Mara thing then I am just not interested. I mean We lost some good stuff, Jacen and Jaina? That whole thing with him falling to the dark side and Jaina having to kill him? It was borderline Shakespearean. I’ve been disappointed so far. Not saying the new film doesn’t have the potential to be pretty darn cool, but the novels and cartoon have been lackluster to say the least. They lack the flare and spark that Zahn gave in his book. What could it hurt to allow, easily the best EU trilogy back into cannon?

    • Darth Vedder

      Yeah, let’s be real for a second.

      To think that the ST should be a film adaptation of the EU novels is a TERRIBLE idea.

      Most people who will go see the ST don’t know the first thing about Mara Jade, Jacen or Jaina Solo. And those who do will watch the films either way.

      You don’t give an artist a canvas that some other artist has already painted on, and expect the newcomer to do a good job. Artists need blank canvases to be at their best and most creative.

      That is why you’ve got to rid yourself of anything EU happening past RotJ, no matter who likes that stuff.

      • Ludz

        The Mara Jade character may still exists in new canon though because she appears on a card game. there was a new on this site many months ago on this game. we can still hope… besides that it’s obvious they re following the same way that EU with the childrens. it was obvious in the second trailer when Luke talks.

        • Darth Vedder

          Yeah, maybe this or that character will make it in the new canon. Since I only care about SW on film, I wouldn’t know about SW novels, comic books, videogames, etc.

          All I know is that I don’t want to go watch the new films and not have an idea of what’s going on, only because I didn’t read this or that of the many, many novels that exist in the EU. Neither do the millions upon millions of movie goers who don’t care about the EU in the very least. And you can be sure that Disney isn’t making these films only to satisfy a very small portion of SW fandom in general.

          • Anonymous

            Did you not know what was going on in the OT? Because there was all that history that existed that they merely alluded to in ANH and it didn’t leave you in the dark bc you didn’t know it. Were you in the dark for Ep 3 because you hadn’t read Labrinth of Evil, which lays out exactly what’s happening at the beginning of the movie and leads right into it? It’s not hard to tell a story giving the audience only what they need to know for the story at hand. There’s going to be 20+ novels, a few games, and numerous comic books in the new canon that will have come out by the time TFA opens. Do you think you would have to have been exposed to all that to understand TFA? Of course not. The movie viewers have never had to know anything about the EU to follow the movies. Why would you think it would’ve been any different had they simply continued the story?

            Either way there’s 35 years of events that occurred in these characters lives since ROTJ. What does it matter if those events had already been told in novels or if it’s unknown? They still will only fill you in on what you need to know for the story.

            And even now, with the EU rebranded Legends and no longer mattering, there’s still 35 years of events that you don’t know about that they have to start filling you in on. You’re still in the dark going into this. The only difference is now the EU readers are too.

            • Darth Vedder

              “Did you not know what was going on in the OT?”

              Yes, I did. Because the OT happened before our eyes onscreen. And it’s precisely because we didn’t know but bits and pieces of the back story that Lucas made the prequels in the first place.

              “Were you in the dark for Ep 3 because you hadn’t read Labrinth of Evil, which lays out exactly what’s happening at the beginning of the movie and leads right into it?”

              No, I didn’t need to read anything leading into any of the 3 PT films, because that stuff happened BETWEEN films, not at the same time as the films themselves. And since the EU has covered pretty much everything happening from the end of RotJ to hundreds of years later, it’s not the same thing at all. I don’t need to have read the EU novels to know this.

              “Do you think you would have to have been exposed to all that to understand TFA?”

              Yes, if Luke were to be married, and have a son named Ben, as is the case in the EU, for instance. I’d like to know more about his wife, and how they came to be together. That’s not the same as Han and Leia, because we saw their romance unfold before our own eyes.

              “Why would you think it would’ve been any different had they simply continued the story?”

              It wouldn’t be different. It would be an adaptation of the EU novels, because as I’ve already said, all of that time has already been covered by the EU. Hence something would have to go, one way or the other. Better to get rid of it all at once and be done with it.

              “What does it matter if those events had already been told in novels or if it’s unknown?”

              Read above.

              As for being in the dark, I fucking love it. That is good story-telling: to be surprised and to enjoy a totally new ride that I know nothing about.

              • Anonymous

                @Darth Vedder:

                “All I know is that I don’t want to go watch the new films and not have an idea of what’s going on, only because I didn’t read this or that of the many, many novels that exist in the EU.”

                Whether the ST is 100% brand new or adapted from the EU, it’ll be new to you and general audiences. Either way, Disney won’t tell the story in a way that would require us to read any novels, canon or Legends.

                • Darth Vedder

                  I know. That’s what I’ve been trying to say all along: the ST will be something new for all movie goers, just like it should.

                  • NC

                    Unfortunately it won’t be.
                    Sure small details might be different, but from what we’ve been getting from the leaks and official news from LF/KK with all this talk about “family”, the fact that there are two Caucasian actors of similar features, one good, one evil, all evidence points to this is just a rehash of Jacen/Jaina. No originality.
                    Would have been better to keep the old EU, and start from there.

        • Anonymous

          mara Jade will be an inquisitor in rebels…..watch and see

      • Anonymous

        When I first saw ANH I didn’t know anything about Obiwan Kenobi, Luke Skywalker, Han Solo, Darth Vader, Princess Leia, Grand Moff Tarkin, Owen Lars, Beru Lars, Chewbacca, Greedo, Wedge Antilles, Biggs Darklighter, Jawas, Banthas, Stormtroopers…get my point?

        It’s not hard to introduce the audience to characters within a narrative. Guess what they’re going to do in TFA…introduce new characters the movie going audience is not familiar with. Same task.

        But I agree, adapting an EU novel or series would have been a terrible idea. I think what most EU fans want is for the ST to just pick up the story going forward and at least not disregard the continuity and characters already set out. TFA is basically taking place right where the novels were, give or take 5 years.

      • Anonymous

        Don’t have your brain blown if EU names are actually in the film. Just because she’s Rey now doesn’t mean she’ll find out or divulge she’s actually Jaina, and that goes for everyone else, plus how could Lucasfilm avoid the brother/sister duel for Episode 9. -Caedus

        • Anonymous

          This won’t happen. She’s either Kira or Rey and that’s that. Jacen and Jaina Solo are now in legends and I doubt Kylo Ren will become Darth Caedus. New stories and characters is what this will be about.

    • Anonymous

      Oof. Today is the day that I read someone describe that “Legacy of the Force” crap as ‘Borderline Shaespearean’.

      This is why the EU is no longer canon: they just need to cut that wart off cleanly.

  • Anonymous

    And in the next set of movies they will time travel back to the prequel trilogy and recreate the whole franchise. Then they can get new young actors to play our heroes and make another alternate timeline. Should have just left the canon alone and started episode 7 where the books left off. People could ignore the books if they chose to and continue on from there. It’s that simple.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been saying the same. Exact. Thing. All I get are arguments about how tied the creative team’s hands would be with all that material they’d have to adhere to. I think that’s lazy.

      One of the reasons I loved the EU was this wasn’t a comic book franchise. There weren’t different incarnations of the universe. It was one continuing story (for better or for worse). All wiping the slate clean did is tell me that nothing will stop them from wiping the slate clean all over again in 15-20 years when they want to retread the same timeframes for a 3rd time. It’s not that hard to keep the important material canon and disregard the Crystal Stars and New Rebellions that have no real effect on the continuity. “But we didnt want to pick winners and losers”. You already did. The EU fans are the ones losing.

      • SickBoy

        EU fans aren’t losing in any conceivable way. This is a terrible line of thinking that goes on pair with “oh no, they totally ruined the franchise/the book/the comic” when something changes in an adaptation.
        It’s just false.

        Someone makes a movie you don’t like out of a book? This don’t “ruin” anything, the book is still there for you to enjoy.

        Lucasfilm decided it is better to write the old EU out of existence and tag it as ‘Legends’? The old EU is still there for you to enjoy, you lose nothing AND you actually have the chance to watch new movies and read new novels and comics with new stories without knowing everything in advance.
        It actually is a double win.

        • Anonymous

          ^THIS! A thousand times over! I can’t believe people are taking the old EU being re-branded
          as legends a bad thing. You can always read those books/comics and play the games. Nothing will take away from the story that Heir to the Empire or KOTOR are not canon. You can still enjoy those and get new canon material at the same time. It’s brilliant.

          • Anonymous

            As a buyer and reader of certain popular EU novels, I can sympathize with those who, in the long drought of Star Wars films, built their imaginary Star Wars Universes around those books, games, graphic novels, etc. However most of them were not the type of storyline that makes for a good film continuity. Jacen and Jaina, Shakespearean? More like a predictable, dead-ended bit of overkill. Jaina was a teensy bit too Mary Sue, and Jacen far too over the top wicked for Star Wars. Anakin Solo, killed? What? Two dead Solos? Madness!

            Then there’s the whole Mara Jade thing. Yes yes, I liked Mara Jade. There was something about both Luke and Leia marrying partners of whom their father would have violently disapproved that gives joy to my widdel Star Wars heart. But Mara, too, was too Mary Sue. It would have been far more interesting to me to see her as a character of Anakin-like ambiguity but, unlike Anakin, leaning toward the Dark Side. She was, after all, Palpatine’s little ‘hand’ girl. Maybe she never married Luke but is found working in a tavern somewhere, serving up Corellian ales, her red lightsaber always just out of sight.

            Anyway, I hope that logic and thematic continuity reign in this brave new SW canon.

  • Refuss

    I wonder how much of ”Legends”they`ll eventually retcon.

    Honestly, what harm can come from Darth Bane and Malgus-era storylines?
    I understand sort of erasing everything by 500 years before and after A New Hope but everything else..I dont know.

  • DarthZach

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they make some sort of reference to Thrawn in the new movies–even if they don’t really stick to the exact Legends version. Thwraaaaaaan!

  • Mo’ $$$ Blues

    Disney scrapped the EU, so it could rewrite some older stories and claim them as their own. Who are they to decide what is canon and what isn’t? Just because they spend $4B to own the rights to Star Wars doesn’t give them the right to wipe out some other creative person’s work. Disney is just applying the golden rule on this. Those that have the gold , make the rules. Well, guess what, I purchased a lot of material from the 70’s-90’s, and I’ll decide what I’ll believe is canon. Who has the power now, Disney? You can’t control me, you $4B bully.

    • MickeyMouse

      I can. Will you watch VII in theaters? Your money is mine !

    • Darth Vedder

      No, they can’t control you. But Disney owns the rights to everything SW, just like Lucas did before he sold his rights to the House of the Mouse.

      It is precisely because they spent $4 or $5B for the franchise that they can do whatever they want with it. Any creative person who’s contributed to SW since ANH is surrendering their work to LFL. In return they get paid handsomely for their work, but the rights remain with the original owner. Love it or hate it, this is how copyright laws work.

  • Anonymous

    Not saying adapt the EU to film. But why not respect characters that have been in the cannon for two decades? Zahn gave star wars new life in the 90s. Killing that seems to me to be not honoring the art that brought a new generation to the fold. Also I would hardly consider the latest books to be art

    • Superponte

      They haven’t been in the Canon for 20 years. They were in the EU, Expanded Universe. From the get go we were told these stories were not canon and that Lucas was not beholden to them.

    • Anonymous

      Did they ‘honor’ the 1977 cantina scene by moving Han’s head and having Greedo shoot?

  • Anonymous

    I’m so glad they got rid of the books. If you’ve seen a movie that’s based off a book you say the book is better. It would ruin it because all you are doing is comparing it to the books

  • Adavanter

    Funny thing is I was ok with the EU being wiped… while I’m not that crazy about the new canon stuff either.

    I think I’ll stick to the movies and maybe dabble in anything that gets high praise.

  • darthcoran

    Did you guys see the leaked 19 sec. Footage of sw7 on set?
    That looks insane… how dangerous is that explotion?… can a stunt man just do that without getting hurt?

    • Pomojema

      We reported on it, but we were told to take our little article on it down. The video clip is still out there if you know where to look, though.

  • Simon

    The Ewok movies should be canon. I don’t see any reason why they should not be.

  • Probe Droid in the Hoth System

    I don’t truly care about EU. I trust only the movies to be canon. Everything else is just a story. Having extra novels, comics, videogames, cartoons, etc being canon is overkill. I love surprises in films and suspense to a great story. I don’t need every picture perfectly painted and explained to a “T” in order to enjoy it. I like to use some imagination to fill in some gaps that are not major loopholes. For example: OT- I needed to know if Vader was Luke’s father. I also needed to know who the “other hope” was that Yoda spoke of. I didn’t need Obi-Wan’s lying to Luke(point of view) as he talked circles around particular subjects. I also didn’t need Luke being related to Leia. Too many relatives in SW. PT- I didn’t need a huge back story on Obi-Wan. I could imagine the clone wars. I also didn’t need to see Anakin’s rise to be Vader. Again a great imagination goes a long way. These characters integrity now takes a big hit. They become just another character in a much larger story. Almost as if they are insignificant to their true selves. For example, Boba Fett was loved by many, then he died in the Sarlacc and it was hurtful to the fan that wanted to see his character flourish. The way he died was dishonorable and then we find out he is just a clone. The Boba Fett now that I loved in 1980, is truly dead, since being a clone is much worse than the accidental death that occurred in RotJ by Han Solo. Without the back story, I still could appreciate Boba Fett, but not now. Sometimes, too much info on a character dilutes who he really is.

    • Anonymous

      your comment is kinda dumb. you really think boba fett’s character was ruined for being a clone and not so much that ridiculous death scene they gave him?

      I’m sorry, but his brupt killing was like spitting on a friend’s grave.

      • Probe Droid

        Yes. It’s as bad as a droid(General grievous)being a Jedi, since only those that have practiced the Jedi arts have midi-clorians. A droid will not have those because they’re not a living being. Boba Fett’s character will always be tarnished. Since Fett is a clone, I no longer care that he died by accident.

        • Johnny Thunder

          General Grievous was neither a droid or a Jedi.

      • Dude in a hat

        Yes, it does ruin Boba Fett, and here’s why.

        A) the backstory is kinda lame.

        B) he is genetically identical to 8 million other individuals [at one point].

        As far as him falling into the Sarlacc Pit, I thought it was a brilliant death.
        He was [in my mind’s eye] a pure evil dude, so it’s only fitting that he get’s the lamest most painful “death” ever.

        I’m not turned on by gory Kombat Fatalities, but I can’t get enough of karmic justice.
        think about it, Boba Fett did a bunch of damage to Han Solo’s pride, so it’s only fitting that he get’s killed by Han Solo’s hibernation sickness-induced clumsiness, and Han Solo couldn’t even be bothered to NOTICE.


        Boba Fett was a good character, fully deserving of a series of Spin-offs,

        but from a theological point of view, I wouldn’t change a SINGLE THING about Boba Fett’s fake-death.
        Especially considering that him coming back would be all the more awesome, with him saying something like “You didn’t think I’d go down THAT easy did you?”

        …and then Han shoots first.

  • DarthBotto

    The old EU was a mixed bag. There were terrific pieces like the Thrawn Trilogy… then there were not-so-great pieces of storytelling like the Mary Sue-laden Starkiller storyline.

  • Anonymous

    Most ost of the EU sucked, but especially stuff like Mara Jade and Thrawn, and even more so garbage like Han and Leia’s kids and the Yuzang Vong however you spell that crap, and wasn’t worth adhering to. And they were never planning on it in the first place.

    It never was canon and this is the smartest thing anyone has done with this franchise in decades.

    • Anonymous

      so what are you going to do when you learn that *spoiler* kylo ren and Kira Rey are both Solo children??? Oops.

      • Anonymous

        Well, it’s not like they are going to be Jacen and Jaina now are they?

  • Anonymous

    Lisa: Dad, what’s a muppet?

    Homer: Well, it’s not quite a mop, & not quite a puppet. So to answer your question, I don’t know.

  • Anonymous

    You EU Crybabies never quit, do you? Get over it already!

    • Anonymous

      You better hold your tongue OT crybaby before I start ranting about your obsession with bringing Boba Fett back.

      • Anonymous


        First, I am not complaining, so the crybaby moniker doesn’t exactly fit. Second: you and your cronies that have nothing better to do than whine about some stories getting moved to Legends that weren’t worth a crap anyways are missing out on what they are doing now. This is the best time Star Wars has ever seen, and you guys are wasting it. Go ahead and keep crying about the EU going away. That will make it come back for sure.

  • Dude in a hat

    I think it’s right that JJ isn’t bound to anything Zahn wrote,
    that said,

    It might be cool to have Star Wars Legacy MOVIES down the road, sort of a low-budget spin-off series that adapts favorite stories from the old EU, or [perhaps better] a mini-series.

    Why not?

    To draw a parallel, Agatha Christie’s Poirot is one of the most beloved detective-characters of all time, however, there’s only been like 3 theatrical films made about him.
    The single best on-screen representation is not a film,
    it’s the TV Series ‘Poirot’.
    That series ran for years and went through EVERY SINGLE Poirot Story ever, featuring early appearances of now-famous actors, I think one of them had a young Michael Fassbender as one of the suspects, as well as half the cast of Downton Abbey.

    My point is, TV is not necessarily a bad platform for adaptation,
    the general emphasis nowadays is to turn EVERYTHING into a movie, but I feel movies are a bit overrated,
    In the case of Hercule Poirot’s adventures, an on-going series of 1-2 hour episodes was a PERFECT FIT.

    I wonder, would the old EU make a good mini-series? either on ABC TV, or even online, like what they’re doing [to great effect] with Daredevil – another case of “film bested by the TV Series”

    • Anonymous

      Being on Netflix would let me binge and the series would be less censored than if it was on ABC.

    • He’s no Jedi

      Daredevil as a movie sucked because of the actor Ben Afflac. It wasn’t so much the story. Having Bull’s Eye in there was cool.

  • WackyBantha

    What would it have been like if Disney had decided to wipe out EVERYTHING (yes, even all the movies) and then start from scratch?

    Opening this December 2015…

    Star Wars Episode I: The Beginning

    Soon to be followed by:
    Star Wars Episode II: The Ancient Fear
    Star Wars Episode III: The Balance of the Force Part I
    Star Wars Episode III: The Balance of the Force Part II

  • Scott Skywalker

    Disney dictate future story of canon from commercial view point, which is very dangerous. Story group would conceive the overall story, but they are not visionary like Lucas or Peter Jackson. It would be better to be handled by a single talent , at least to tell main SAGA featuring Skywalker family.

  • only wan khauni

    I’m sorry guy’s but the EU is still absolutely rubbish. No direction. A Jedi getting married and having kids! What a load of Bollocks! I for one am glad Disney have killed it off for good.

    • Anonymous

      I don’t think the new Jedi in the ST will be forced to remain celibate, nor should they. I want Jedi who behave like normal people.

      • Darth Vedder

        When will people get it through their heads? Jedi are NOT normal people. And celibacy is a normal state in ANY monastic order of knights. Doesn’t matter if you like it or not. This is fact.

        ETA: that goes for the comment below too.

        • Anonymous

          Luke was a normal person with relatable human emotions. He expressed an interest in women and clearly cared about his friends and family.

          This is the kind of Jedi I wish to see.

          Jedi can be celibate if they want, but it shouldn’t be forced on them. Plus, if the Force is strong in a Jedi’s family, it makes sense for them to be encouraged to have offspring.

          I see the Jedi more like knights or samurai, not monks.

          • Darth Vedder

            You’re expressing your opinion. I’m not. I’m talking about facts, backed up by history itself.

            Luke wasn’t raised to be a Jedi. That should be more than obvious now, even to a 5 yr. old. Plus taking a celibacy vow doesn’t mean you stop feeling attracted to people. It only means you can’t marry them. And unless we watched a different trilogy of films, Luke Skywalker NEVER married in the OT.

            This may be the kind of Jedi you want to see, but not me. Again, I know how monastic, spiritual orders of knights work. And I for one I’m elated that Lucas decided for Jedi to be this way, because it was the right thing to do. Period.

            Nobody forces the members of a monastic order of knights to do anything. They have full knowledge that they will have to take vows if/when they’re initiated into the order. To them, this is the highest honor. But if they don’t wish to take any kind of oath, they’re free to walk away from the order if they choose.

            You see Jedi more like samurai and knights? Fine. That still doesn’t change the fact that Knights Templar, for instance, had to take as many oaths as Jedi (and Lucas was deeply inspired by the history of the Knights Templar for the Jedi). Nor does it change the fact that Jedi lived in and operated out of a TEMPLE.

            That makes them warrior monks, no matter how you might want to see them. One has to know his history of orders of knights to understand how this work, like it or no.

            • Anonymous

              They aren’t “forced” into an order but they are raised in an order from a young age. Some members could simply know no better than to fall in line with the rules. It is hard to contest the beliefs of your “family” when you are born into their world. Aside from that, people keep comparing the Jedi to warriors or Samurai and even knights (despite Jedi using the term) as opposed to what they more closely resemble- Shaolin temple monks. They defend the people, they have superpowers and they report to the abbot.

              • Darth Vedder

                That’s exactly what Jedi are supposed to be like, indeed. Whether their system worked or not, it’s based in real history. So it’s not like Lucas pulled the idea out of his ass, as many seem to believe here.

            • Anonymous

              So the Jedi are exactly like the known earthly bound people that we label as monks or knights?

        • Anonymous

          Part of the point of Luke was to change the Jedi and get them out of the crippling old ways which led to their undoing. Lucas kept putting “Christ” characters in his movies, first with Luke then Anakin and both of these guys challenged their “religion” in different ways. If the Jedi were reformed in the new movies it makes more sense that it would be different because the Jedi and their teachings were gone for a long period of time and Luke would have to rebuild it from his perspective anyway. Even Obi Wan knew this the way he was “elbowing” Yoda on Degobah. Regardless, “authoritative control” in Star Wars movies just breeds Darth Vaders and Rebels.

          • Darth Vedder

            Yeah. And having loved ones just breeds Vaders too, because your enemies will ALWAYS use them against you.

            • Anonymous

              Like Vader used Leia against Luke….of course, Luke then saved Vader and the galaxy, sooo…….

              • Darth Vedder

                Also like Sidious used Padmé against Anakin…of course, Anakin then killed Padmé and enslaved the galaxy, so…

                • Luuke22

                  But Sidious was only able to do that because of the rules against marriage, or “attachment.” If Anakin could have gone to the Council and said “Hey, I’ve been having dreams that my wife is going to die, how can I stop this from happening?”, I doubt Sidious could have gotten control of him like he did.

                  • Darth Vedder

                    You’re looking at this from the wrong angle. This isn’t about a specific type of love or attachment. Vader used the same tactic to lure Luke into his trap in TESB. And he obviously used his friends for this, since Luke didn’t even have a gf, let alone a pregnant wife.

                    Anakin having a wife he loved more than life itself and feared losing because of his dreams just made Sidious’ job that much easier for him.

                    If Anakin hadn’t been involved with Padmé (they didn’t have to be married to be in love. If Lucas had chosen a more mature road for this story, they could’ve simply been secret lovers, for instance), Sidious would’ve found another way to exploit Anakin’s great affinity and empathy for/with others to reach his goal.

                • Anonymous

                  @Darth Vedder:

                  The solution isn’t to remain celibate and free from attachment to loved ones out of fear but to determine oneself not to let the potential suffering of your loved ones push you to unreasonable and unethical actions.

                  You know. Like normal people.

                  • Darth Vedder

                    I’m not talking about potential scenarios that require bravery to overcome the fear of losing someone close to you, like say a narcs undercover cop in real life or something along those lines.

                    This is simply how orders of knights such as the Jedi have always worked, be it in real life or fantasy.

                    As I’ve already explained in other threads, the members of the Night’s Watch and the Kingsguard in A Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones are the same in this sense as the Jedi. And I don’t see ASoIaF/GoT fans getting all riled up about it.

                    Oh, and folk annointed or initiated as knights into this kind of order were supposed to be exceptional, not normal people, BTW.

                    • Anonymous

                      I mean “normal” in the sense that the Jedi should feel and behave like regular human beings.

                      Not emotionless, sexless, creepy or psychotic.

              • Anonymous

                Of course Luke nearly replaced Vader if it wasn’t for him to stop and reflect after seeing the damage he did to Vader.

    • Dude in a hat

      I think the idea of a Jedi being obligated to celibacy is kinda dumb, so i guess i disagree with you

      • Anonymous

        I wouldn’t say its dumb.

        But it could have been used as a stronger plot point. My favorite Anakin moment is actually when he deconstructs the Jedi dogma about compassion vs. love. By the time Obi-Wan addresses Anakin’s personal life, Order 66 has already happened and Anakin had turned.

        Its a wasted plot point about the Jedi’s dogma getting in Anakin’s way.

  • WookieeMonster

    I was repling to a post that was taken down….sorry.

  • Anonymous

    The only EU book I got is dark empire trilogy and that was cool. The new republic era was the only good one after that it just got too weird.

  • Anonymous

    Really wish they kept stuff from some of the video games and novels. The Bane trilogy, the Plagueis novel, the KOTOR games…so many great and beloved stories

  • koivu

    One good thing: Chewbacca (and maybe Madine) is alive! ;)

  • Anonymous

    I don’t understand the connection with Vanity Fair. It is not the demographic of the hardcore Star Wars fan. How about Starlog or something I am likely to buy? That’s funny tho LOL

  • Anonymous

    If there is a character in star wars rebels called Aileen Zahn, could Rey be Luke Skywalker’s daughter?

  • Anonymous

    The original EU books were commissioned by Lucasfilm. Lucas was consulted on the Thrawn trilogy and Dark Empire. Bringing the Emperor back was his idea. That seems pretty canonical to me. Though if we are going to be “film purists” then we better be gobbling up every bit of the Holiday Special and Ewok films. So glad they are cannon. Mmmm and that Jar Jar Binks is feeling so good these days. It was a good time to be a Star Wars fan in the early 90’s when the story was continuing. It hasn’t felt good to like star wars since then, I’ve had to justify a fandom that is only recognized these days for the terrible prequels and a bubbly cartoon show, not for intelligent ideas of well respected, New York times best selling writers. There is only so many times I have to tell people “Yes I like Star Wars, no just the good ones and the books” It’s an uphill battle. If there are any fans of the books still here that are disheartened by the throwing away of their recognized cannon, its because we all know its a corporate decision to do so by a company trying to cash in on telling the same stories again. Its a commercial decision, not a creative one. That’s the real tragedy, that writers being paid millions couldn’t be creative enough to give a nod and a wink to decades of authors hard work in serving the adult audience of the franchise.

  • Anonymous

    Some of you have obviously not read Lords of the Sith….that book is simply fantastic.

  • Hasero

    I just hope they dont brand the ‘Old Republic’ era as SW Legends, that would really be a bad move. The story telling from 5000 BBY – 1 ABY is what i adore in the galaxy far far away.

    • Chandragupta

      They already did. In Canon the Republic is only 1000 years old.

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