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UPDATE! Star Wars Fandom: AMC Starts Jedi Council Podcast

Jedi CouncilOur friend Kristian Harloff from the Schmoes Know team will be hosting a new show on AMC called Jedi Council. The show will be weekly and will cover everything related to canon in the SW Universe. More after the jump.




You might recall that the Jedi Council show ran for four episodes back in 2014 and was very popular with the fans. There were many requests to bring it back. Now AMC launched a whole new slate of shows and Jedi Council was one of them. The show will air every Thursday on http://www.youtube.com/amctheatres with the first episode airing tomorrow.


The show will be hosted by Kristian Harloff (from Schmoes Know and correspondent for AMC Movietalk), John Campea (Editor in chief of AMC Movietalk), Maude Garrett (Geekbomb) and will cover all Star Wars movie news, what is happening in the other canon material, special segments and twitter questions from the fans. Make sure to tune in tomorrow and feel free to ask any Star Wars related questions on Twitter to @kristianharloff and hashtag it #amcjedicouncil.


Looking froward to the show. We will be doing weekly reports here as well.








The first episode of AMC’s Jedi Council is out now!

Kristian Harloff, John Campea and Maude Garret are discussing the newly announced Rogue One spin-off movie, as well as everything related to the new Star Wars canon, including the new books, Rebels and of course The Force Awakens. They are also addressing all the latest rumors and speculations. Check it out:





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