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UPDATE: Fake “TFA” Image of Artoo and Threepio Is Making The Rounds…

Artoo & Treepio

An image has just appeared online that purports to show our favorite droid duo in a shot from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Though we had serious doubts about whether or not this was a genuine image from TFA, we thought it was cool enough to share with you all anyway.


Sadly, it turns out that yes, this photo is indeed a fake as we suspected it might be. Details after the jump…



A new post from Gizmodo Australia highlights what they claim to be the first image that we have seen so far of R2 D2 and C-3PO in The Force Awakens. According to the article:


“During a GTC 2015 briefing, Nvidia showed a slide of Lucasfilm using Nvidia’s monster Quadro M6000 pro-graphics cards to render Star Wars: The Force Awakens footage. The snap happened to feature a certain robotic duo that fans might be familiar with…”


Artoo Detoo and See Threepio in The Force Awakens


However… we aren’t positive that this image is the real deal, although on first glance it does appear to be genuine. As mentioned in the Gizmodo article, the scale of the dwelling behind the droids seems rather odd, with what appears to be a door that’s about Artoo’s height. Is it just a trick of perspective? A Jawa summer cottage? Or might it be evidence of a quick Photoshop job?


The real problem showed itself when we checked the image properties of the uncropped photo at the top of the article. It was listed as having been taken on September 25, 2014.





This, of course, directly contradicts the Gizmodo article, which states that this photo was taken just yesterday during the Nvidia presentation at GTC 2015. There is also the fact that the image itself does not seem like a surreptitiously snapped pic of a projected slide, as the article also claims. There’s no distortion, no odd screen angle, and it’s a very clear, solid image overall. To me, it looks more like a photo that was taken right there at the studio.


Suffice to say that our initial excitement over seeing a  sneak peek of Artoo and Threepio in the new Star Wars flick, has been tempered somewhat as we’ve delved more deeply into this. We have no definitive proof that this image is a fake, of course, and do not wish to accuse Gizmodo of anything. The photo may very well be the genuine article. However, the more we look at it, the more doubts crop up.


But since this photo will undoubtedly be making the rounds before long (and possibly even by the time you read this), we thought it best to post it along with our concerns. If the image IS real, though, then it sure is cool to see Artoo and Threepio as they’ll appear this December in The Force Awakens, isn’t it?





Well, that sure didn’t take long! One of our astute readers found the original source of the image of the droids. Unfortunately, it is not from The Force Awakens. It is, in fact, from old LFL / LucasArts concept footage for the now-canceled video game, Star Wars: 1313:



So, there it is. The Gizmodo article is, indeed, complete and utter bunk. However, with Celebration 2015 now just a month away, chances are very good that we will soon have some actual images from TFA to share with you, and that our Episode VII news drought will finally come to an end.



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