Disney President Says The Force Awakens Teaser will be Online at 10:15 am EST (7:15 PST, 15:15 GMT, 16:15 CET). - Star Wars News Net | Star Wars News Net
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Disney President Says The Force Awakens Teaser will be Online at 10:15 am EST (7:15 PST, 15:15 GMT, 16:15 CET).

almost thereAlmost there guys. We’re just hours away from seeing a new Star Wars trailer! I’m sure many of you are constantly refreshing Apple’s trailer page, as I do. Now a post on Twitter by President of Disney France suggests a more concrete time for the trailer…



According to the tweet, that has been removed since, the trailer will be released at 16:15 CET, which is 7:15 am PST time, and 10:15 am EST time.


Earlier today John Boyega posted this curios image on Instagram tagged “countdown”.



First we thought it was a countdown to midnight PST (he posted it excatly 10 hours before midnight). Several other rumors also suggested that the trailer will be released at midnight PST. But what if he meant 10 am EST matching the tweet from Disney’s President? Well, we have just to wait a little longer to find out. It’s only 7 hours away.


And while we wait, here are some interesting non spoilerific opinions about the trailer from people who claim to have already seen it:


Steven Weintraub ‏@colliderfrosty
someone sent it to me. Since I’m flying tomorrow decided to watch. Won’t lie, I’m so Frelling excited for STAR WARS right now. Great teaser.

(post deleted)


Lucas employee:



Random post on Twitter:  


Almost there guys.



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