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Greg Grunberg Confirms Cameo Appearance in Star Wars: Episode 7!

Greg Grunberg & J.J. Abrams

Actor Greg Grunberg best known for starring as Matt Parkman on the NBC television series Heroes confirmed on Twitter that he will make a cameo appearance in Episode VII. This is not surprising at all, considering that Grunberg and J.J. Abrams are childhood friends and he briefly appeared on most of Abrams’ project…



The actual confirmation came as a reply to dorksideoftheforce’s question:



Also for those not familiar with Grunberg, the guys from DorkSideOfTheForce shared more about the actor:

They have worked together on many projects in the past including ABC’s Alias. Grunberg actually makes very small cameos in all of Abrams’ films. For instance in Star Trek, (2009) it’s Grunberg’s voice scolding the young Jim Kirk as he races away in his step-father’s car at the beginning of the film. He can also be overheard in Super 8 on a radio saying “I always wear lipstick on my shirt” when Joe Lamb goes to rescue Alice Dainard in the aliens lair. He was also the pilot of Oceanic Flight 815 who gets killed by the still unidentified smoke monster in ABC’s LOST. Abrams has been quoted to say that Grunberg is his “lucky charm”.



(via The Cantina)