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UPDATE 3! Rumor: Star Wars Episode 7 to Film in UK’s Forest of Dean?


*Image by Andrew Cox – uktripper.com


There are rumors that scenes for the new Star Wars film are being shot in the Forest of Dean. People are reporting seeing Jedi wigs, speeder bikes and wooden swords for practicing…


From BBC:

A huge film crew has set up camp at Puzzlewood, but so far there has been no confirmation that the force is present in the forest.

Excitement is mounting in the West Country as tourist attractions in the surrounding area are hoping that the new Star Wars film will be shot nearby.

BBC Reporter Steve Knibbs went to Puzzlewood in the Forest of Dean where film crews appear to be assembling although nobody would confirm or deny these rumours.



Even more convincing details can be seen here:


Could this be Yavin 4, Endor or a completely new planet?





Here’s something like confirmation of the rumor by Justine Baker (Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Bridgwater & West Somerset & County Councillor for Somerset).





Some more bits and photos from the Puzzlewood shoot from Daily Mail (via MakingStarWars):

It can now be confirmed hundreds of people in gleaming white trailers have descended on the Forest of Dean to film scenes from the hotly-anticipated Star Wars sequel. Speculation and excitement over the film site reached fever pitch in the past 24 hours with a number of clues eventually giving away the purpose of the temporary Gloucestershire community. The Forest of Dean is now awash with jedis, sith lords, caravans and set production equipment involved in filming an unknown forest scene for Star Wars Episode VII.

Puzzlewood Shoot

Stormtrooper Boots?

Puzzlewood Shoot Puzzlewood Shoot Puzzlewood Shoot




The Episode VII working title (AVCO) has been spotted on a shuttle bus near the set. Well I guess we don’t need any more hints.   (via JediNews)