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Running Down The Countdown In Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #27

If the cold weather, short days, and no Star Wars movie this December has got you down the always fun Doctor Aphra should perk up those fandom spirits. The doctor is still tethered to psycho-droid Triple Zero as they try to stay alive for the amusement of Cornelius Evazan, who has forced the duo to become inseparable; […]

The Dark Lord Returns In Doctor Aphra #25

While Doctor Aphra has been trying to stay alive as a passenger onboard the last voyage of Accresker Jail, Darth Vader has made his way across the galaxy to tie-up any loose ends. Aphra is the only one in the galaxy who knows his grand plan to overthrow the Emperor by joining forces with his […]

Review – Deadly Spores And A Lover Scorned In Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #23

Doctor Aphra returns this week, trapped aboard the flotilla Accresker Jail as it hurtles toward a star. Between juggling exes, mind altering spores, and a prison revolt – the doctor is doing about as well as we can expect. Multitasking is Aphra’s specialty, but by the end of this issue, there are other forces in […]

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