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Watch ‘The Mandalorian’ After Show ‘The Mando Fan Show’ Live Tomorrow Night 8:30PM ET


After watching The Mandalorian chapter 9 tomorrow, tune in to The Mando Fan Show tomorrow night at 8:30PM ET live on YouTube! This is The Talking Dead for The Mandalorian. Each week TRB will be joined by a guest to talk about the latest episode of The Mandalorian, in addition to rating each episode, pointing out Easter Egg references, giving a piece of the #MandoCode giveaway puzzle, and speculating on what’s to come.


The show will air live every week at 8:30PM ET so if you join us then, you can participate with fellow Star Wars fans in the live chat, where there are always surprises in store. If for some reason you can’t join us live, it will be on the channel to re-watch and be posted to all podcast apps. Here are all the details you need to know:


The Mando Fan Show

WHERE: (be sure to click SUBSCRIBE)

  • Also available on all audio podcast apps after it airs live

WHEN: Every Friday night 8:30PM ET

WHO: The Resistance Broadcast and a weekly guest



Every week we will reveal a number on the show. By the end of the season you will need to collect all nine numbers, figure out what they mean, and during our season recap show we’ll prompt you on how to submit your guess to enter to win an awesome prize package including a grand prize. So don’t miss one episode or you’re out of luck, because I am not sure what other Bounty Hunters will want to provide you with the code numbers!


The Pedro Pascal Face Scale

Every week we will rate that week’s chapter of The Mandalorian using Pedro Pascal faces from zero to ten (halves included) and come up with our average score for that episode. We will also have our TRB patrons give their scores and reveal their average on the show too.



The Mando Fan Show Season 2 Shirt will launch tomorrow night when we go live at 8:30PM ET, so if you want to pick one up head to teespring and order yours!



If you love Star Wars, love The Mandalorian, and want to have a good time (because let’s be honest, this year everyone needs more good times) then be sure to watch The Mando Fan Show LIVE every Friday night on (or watch later/listen on your favorite podcast app). We will see you soon! This is the way.