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The Mandalorian: Focusing on the Moments That Have Raised the Biggest Questions (SPOILERS)

The Mandalorian

The Mandalorian has finally debuted, and with the first episode (which they refer to as “Chapters”) out, perhaps more questions have been raised that answers given. Vanity Fair explores some of the spots raising eyebrows, including the episode’s final cliffhanger reveal.


In the Vanity Fair piece, Anthony Breznican dives into curious characters and the final reveal at the end of The Mandalorian Chapter 1, which serves as a massive cliffhanger for Chapter 2. Obviously this means we are talking spoilers so if you didn’t realize that by the headline, there are spoilers ahead, so proceed only if you have seen The Mandalorian, or simply don’t care about being spoiled.





First off, the mysterious figure stage-right as the Mandalorian made his way through the Mandalorian lair looks awfully familiar.



Could it…could it be? Noooo, right? Boba Fett? There is evidence to at the very least suggest it could be:

We see one figure to the right of the hero who strikes a similar pose to Fett from the original trilogy while wearing green, red, and yellow armor that looks remarkably similar to Fett’s style. (Spot it at minute 18:31.) He’s shadowy and blurred in the background, but the giveaway is the helmet. Not only do all the colors match, but the figure has a blaster dent on the upper right of the helmet in the same spot as Fett.


If I was Jon Favreau I would certainly have no problems having the power to torture fans like this, so I can’t fault him for the tease. The question remains, how much further will this be explored, or will we be left with just this one ember to further stoke the flames of speculation from fans of the Fett?



The Mandalorian eventually has the Beskar steel given to him by Werner Herzog’s incredibly quotable character turned into a shoulder piece for his armor and heads out for his big bounty.


He takes on a high-priced bounty of a “50 year old” which leads to him meeting and working with Kuiil (the ugnaught we affectionately call Ugnolte), followed by a fellow bounty hunter, a droid named IG-11. After a massive firefight, the Mandalorian and IG-11 eventually break through and the tracker leads them to a bassinet of sorts, to which they open to reveal:



The cutest thing ever seen in Star Wars, an infant of Yoda’s species! Until now, aside from Yaddle (which may or may not have been a misstep depending on who you talk to), there (purposely) has been no information about where Yoda has come from, what his species is called, or anything else connected to the history of Yoda or his origin. As Breznican points out, it looks like George Lucas gave Dave Filoni his seal of approval to crack that door open, hell, shove it wide open, depending on where we go from here.

This green critter’s appearance in The Mandalorian marks a huge gift Lucas seems to have given his longtime apprentice Filoni: the chance to, at last, pull back the curtain on one of the most iconic characters in all of Star Wars.

The actors referred to this not as Baby Yoda, but as “the Being.”


We don’t have to wait long to find out what happens next, as Chapter 2 of The Mandalorian picks up this Friday on Disney Plus. Be sure to stick with us at SWNN for our written reviews and The Mando Fan Show on our YouTube channel!


“I have spoken.”




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