Updated with More New Reveals! Hasbro Shares Official Images of Their Upcoming Star Wars Releases

Yesterday Hasbro revealed a lot of their upcoming products from brands like Transformers, Power Rangers, Marvel, and of course Star Wars, during their annual Entertainment Brand Preview Breakfast at SDCC. Our own @LaceyGilleran was at the event and managed to take some photos of the displayed Star Wars items. Now, Hasbro has officially issued a press release with a collection of hi-res photos showcasing some the upcoming Star Wars toys. Check them out.


First, here are some photos from the Entertainment Brand Preview Breakfast by Lacey. There were no new reveals but stay tuned for later today when Hasbro will take the center stage at SDCC and show what they have in store for us in the future. There might be some surprises there.









And here are the official Hasbro photos with the upcoming Star Wars releases:


Star Wars Black Series 6 inch General Veers.



Star Wars Black Series 6 inch Imperial Patrol Trooper.



Star Wars Black Series 6 inch Battle Damage Phasma.



Star Wars Black Series 6 inch Moloch.



Star Wars The Vintage Collection Enfys Nest.



Star Wars Black Series 6 inch Leia Hoth.



Star Wars Black Series Shock Trooper helmet.



Star Wars Micro Force.



Star Wars Micro Force vehicles.



Star Wars Force Action Lightsabers.



Star Wars Mighty Muggs.


Stay tuned later today for our live tweeting from Hasbro’s panel at SDCC.






During Hasbro’s panel at SDCC the toy company revealed a lot of new Star Wars products. New Black Series 6 inch Ezra and Chopper were announced as well as new Rio Durant figure.

Also the Vintage line got extended with some cool new entries and Hasbro announced that the photo real technology from the Black Series line now will also be used for the Vintage collection.

Hasbro announced a new line called Archive, which will feature old popular Black Series releases, The line starts with the release of Luke, Boba Fett, IG-88 and Bossk.

Speaking of bounty hunters now the Black Series Zuckuss figure will be a Disney Store exclusive after Toys R Us ceased to operate.

You can check out all the official photos of the reveals below.


Black Series 6 inch.



Vintage Collection.



New Archive line.



3.75 inch ‘Solo’ line.


‘Solo’ cardboard playsets.


And that’s all from this year’s Hasbro SDCC Star Wars reveals. The company promised more reveals during the upcoming cons at Mexico City, NYCC and Fan Expo Canada, and revealed that they will have some new prequel figures revealed.



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