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Lucasfilm Story Group Reveals Secrets About The Last Jedi


The Lucasfilm Story Group sat down with Andi Gutierrez from The Star Wars Show to discuss the secrets of The Last Jedi. The 27 minute video has the group discussing fun and interesting anecdotes, explanations, and Easter Eggs found within the recent chapter in the Star Wars saga.



Lucasfilm Story Group members Leland Chee, Pablo Hidalgo, Matt Martin, and Rayne Roberts joined Gutierrez in breaking down a lot of the fun secrets of The Last Jedi. 



Here is a list of some of the more interesting bits from the interview:





The compass Luke has from Battlefront II was created using a sketch by Dave Filoni, which was then 3D printed in one day, in time to make it to Rian Johnson’s production to be added as a continuity enriching Easter Egg on Ahch-To. Leland Chee says that compass may or may not be how Luke found Ahch-To.

This process is a dream come true for Star Wars fans obsessed with detail and continuity, as Rayne Roberts goes on to mention that they employ this 3D printing blueprint technology to recreate any weapon, item, or accessory from the galaxy to their exact specifications as needed.

The Millennium Falcon dice were used by J. J. Abrams in a scene for The Force Awakens, but he wound up not including it in the film. Rian Johnson decided to utilize the dice as a symbol to help subtly preserve Han Solo’s presence while at face value being a tribute to A New Hope.

I personally find the inclusion of the dice extremely important but sad, because when Luke and Leia reunite and he hands her the dice, it’s the closest we will every get to the big three from the original trilogy being together again. That scene meant a lot to me for that reason.

Gutierrez asked the Story Group if we might see the dice again, clearly talking about the upcoming Solo movie, and Matt Martin jokingly played coy with a “wink, wink”.






The lightspeed/hyperspace tracking used by The First Order to keep finding The Resistance was referenced in Rogue One, as Jyn was going through the Empire project archives on Scarif, we find out The Empire had been working on this back before the Battle of Yavin. Yet more evidence of The First Order using archives from The Empire in their quest to rule the galaxy!




When Finn is looking through the binoculars at the fathiers racing from the balcony at the Canto Bight casino, the screen displays the name of that specific fathier in aurebesh, which translates to “Hoth Stuff”, named by Pablo Hidalgo and chosen by Rian Johnson over a few other options.




DJ’s name was initially just a working title name for the character but wound up sticking, and the phrase it represents “Don’t Join” is on his hat in aurebesh. Matt Martin mentioned it was inspired by an Elvis Costello poster, really encapsulating DJ with that punk rock “belong and answer to nobody” attitude.






Porgs were created to help explain the natural presence of puffins, the birds that inhabit the island of Skellig Michael on which they filmed. Instead of trying to digitally remove birds from the shots, why not establish a new character? As we all know this wound up being a great decision, as porgs became quite the phenomenon. Here are the actual birds called puffins that inhabit the island:



The Story Group confirmed that porgs are identified by gender by their coloring, indicating the more colorful ones are male. Pablo confirms that the porg with Chewie is a male and when asked if it had a name yet, he said not yet. But if you have been following me or Ash Crossan on Twitter, or listening to our site’s podcast The Resistance Broadcast, you’ll know we’ve been really pushing to have this porg named Gary in tribute to Carrie Fisher and her French Bulldog Gary! We can only hope it happens.


The porg to be named later (hopefully Gary)






The “ship” that comes down that ends up just being an iron is a reference and tribute to the first ever Star Wars fan film called “Hardware Wars” which had household items looking like vehicles and objects in Star Wars. I had initially thought this was a reference to Raiders of the Lost Ark in which the villain cornering Marion in the tent had what appeared to be a torture weapon of some sort that wound up just being a coat hanger.





Matt Martin mentioned his surprise when he saw the final cut of the film, when Rian Johnson completely cut out any music or audio during the “Holdo Hero” moment, when she blasts the Raddus through the Supremacy at lightspeed. This is without a doubt one of those scenes that people will remember seeing in the theater, as the only thing any of us heard were gasps from the audience. Hidalgo proceeded to explain that the scene works due to the size of the Raddus. Had Holdo been in an X-Wing for example, it wouldn’t have been able to slice through and afflict the damage to a ship of the Supremacy’s size like the Raddus did, so the ship’s size in that moment was essential.






Perhaps the most weighted topic discussed was the Rey and Kylo Ren connection. Hidalgo explains Rian Johnson employed simple old-school film techniques, relying on eye-level as much as anything to convey the two were able to see each other during those exchanges through The Force.


“It feels like there is definitely a door open between the two of them in The Force Awakens…and that is more poignant at the end (of The Last Jedi) when that door closes, it’s “The Godfather” shot of the door closing between Michael and Kay, it’s the Millennium Falcon door that separates the two.” – Pablo Hidalgo


The scene from “The Godfather” occurs at the end of the film when Michael Corleone becomes Don Corleone, and the door literally but quite metaphorically shuts between him and Kay, forever destroying what they once had.





It is very interesting that Hidalgo compares the door closing between Rey and Kylo to this scene, effectively saying Rey has ultimately shut the door that was open between them.





The group confirmed Leia realized Luke was not really there once he touched her hand, evident by the look she gives, indicating she was feeling and noticing something different from what everyone else in the room was experiencing.



The Leia hologram that Artoo projects to try and convince Luke to rejoin the fight was from the original dailies from Star Wars. This scene was the reason Rian Johnson asked J. J. Abrams to change the ending of The Force Awakens, to have Artoo accompany Rey to Ahch-To instead of    BB-8, which was Abrams’ original plan.  



SOURCE: The Star Wars Show – The interview covers more bits (like Mark Hamill voiced the little drunk gambling creature that stuffed the coins into BB-8!) from the film and you can watch the entire video here:





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