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Star Wars Weekly Buzz: What Does Bio-Hexacrypt Mean, Preview of the Rogue One Comic Adaptation and More

Art via Darth Mistress


On this week’s buzz we have a first look at the upcoming Rogue One comic book adaptation; a very cool explanation of what Bio-Hexacrypt could mean in The Last Jedi; a high quality look at the great Rebels clip from last week; a few Celebration announcements; some funny tweets and more.



This week we start with a brief preview of the Rogue One comic book adaptation. Official press release via Newsarama:

The Rebellion comes to Marvel Comics this spring as one of the biggest films of 2016 becomes one of the biggest comics of 2017! Today, Marvel is pleased to present your first look inside the STAR WARS: ROGUE ONE ADAPTATION #1 – the new series available wherever comics are sold on April 5th! Written by Jody Houser (Max Ride) with art by Emilio Laiso (Star Wars Annual) and Oscar Bazaldua (Gwenpool Holiday Special) , join the harrowing group of Rebels as they embark on a life or death mission to save the galaxy!

Plus – this 6-issue adaptation of the blockbuster film is set to feature story material not seen on the big screen!


Here are several pages from the comic with still not final art (for all the images go to Newsarama):






Donnie Yen posted this cool image on Twitter. It’s one of the many deleted scenes from Rogue One, revealing more backstory on Chirrut Imwe. We really do hope to see this in a future Rogue One home release edition.







John Boyega’s problems with some of The Last Jedi fancy dialogue are now officially framed thanks to Rian Johnson.




There are lots of theories and speculations already what this could mean. Here’s one that sounds really plausible and scientific. :)


From Tumblr member bripenguin13 (via ClubJade):

This will be the name of Finn’s new Hardware in/on his back. How do I know? Because I’m a genius…. okay no I’m not, but I have a Cell Biology degree! So here’s the breakdown.

Bio- obviously Biologic

Hex- Means Six, BUT Hexa –  in biology more specifically in genetics it is the gene that provides instructions for making one part of an enzyme called beta-hexosaminidase. This plays a critical role in the brain and spinal cord or CNS. This protein is found in lysosomes, which are structures in cells that break down toxic substances.

Now Crypt – Most people think like an actual crypt where you store dead bodies, but In anatomy, crypt means variously a blind alley, a tube with no exit, depression, or a pit in an otherwise relatively flat surface.

Furthermore a synovial crypt a pouch in the synovial membrane of a joint.





Disney XD has finally uploaded a hi-res quality of the super cool Rebels clip that aired last week, featuring the Obi-Wan vs. Darth Maul duel.






Very cool concept art from Rogue One with Vader without the suit:




A brief offtopic. It seems that Avatar 2 is heading to a December 2019 release. With “Han Solo” set to hit theaters in May 2018, it seems logical that Episode IX will keep its May 2019 release date as it is set now. Of course this is just a speculation. I personally really like the December release of the saga movies.






Now you can pre-order the official Star Wars Celebration Orlando t-shirt with The Last Jedi logo. Looks really nice!





Speaking of Celebration, you can get the official app for assistance and information if you’re attending the event.






Also all the passes are on their way. Can’t wait to get ours. :)







Chuck Wendig’s Aftermath: Empire’s End is currently at #3 on NY Times’ best sellers list.






There is a new Star Wars section at the Legoland in California. It’s really impressive.






Fantastic fan art with the Knights of Ren. Can’t wait to see them in action in The Last Jedi.






Now this is something we all want to see, right?






A few informative and interesting shares from the official Star Wars site:


Dave Filoni and his Lothal cats. Cool announcement for Rebels Season 4





And of course Filoni is coming to Celebration Orlando. Last year Rebels Season 3 stole the show during Celebration London, it would be interesting to see what they have in store for us this year.





Nice article on lightsabers. Make sure to check the link from the tweet.





The BTS trivia from the last episode of Rebels is released. Check it out:





Interesting fact about K-2SO:





This week Oscar Isaac and Freddy Prinze Jt. had birthdays. Congrats!







Now several funny tweets:


We know that The Last Jedi starts exactly where The Force Awakens left off. So here’s a good guess at the movie’s opening crawl:





Have you heard of the new generation of Rey shields?





Now that’s badass.






Mark Hamill shares his new villainous look from The Last Jedi.




Nope, that doesn’t mean that Luke will have purple hair in The Last Jedi. :)


As always fans showed their creativity making numerous funny photoshop manipulations with that image. You can check them all in the Huffington Post link below:



Here are some of our favorite:


View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com

View post on imgur.com




Stay tuned for more next week.



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  • Andrew Gac

    Donnie Yen is one with the Force and the Force is with him.

  • Gerry Blue

    That Kenobi poster is so cool, I have adopted it, hope it comes to pass

  • Grand_Admiral_Dux

    So are they giving up December for good? I must admit I’m shocked.

    • Paweł Łukijańczuk

      So far nothing is set in stone. To be honest, I’d be surprised if Avatar 2 keeps it current release date.

      • Grand_Admiral_Dux

        They could still move, but they seem determined to get back to may. I’m happy either way I just thought money would win out here.

        • TUD

          Same here. After TFA and Rogue One making so much, I’d have thought that Disney would like to keep December as Star wars month.

  • AlabasterZ

    The Kenobi poster is fan made right?

    • Yes.

      • AlabasterZ

        ok i didnt want to get myself excited

  • Luis Petrizzo Rengel

    Avatar 2 seems quite indecisive in when to be released…

    Anyways, Nice Hamill picture. XD

  • Adavanter Mki

    I laughed too much at Rey Shields and Light Saber hair… So if I had to read into Finn’s backpack. Sounds like a device to help him deal with a spinal injury. Maybe?

  • Steven Lewis

    Bio-Hexacrypt…….Finn discovers something about a clone of Luke……..