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Collider Jedi Council! Special Star Wars Celebration 2016 Recap and Breakdown


On this Special Edition of Collider Jedi Council:

Kristian Harloff, John Campea and Mark Reilly break down all the breaking news that broke over the weekend from Star Wars Celebration Europe, the trio dive right in and give us their thoughts on the ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ trailer and sizzle reel, extensive dialog about ‘Episode VIII’ and the breaking ‘Han Solo: A Star Wars Story’ news, discussion on all the new canon novel’s and other Star Wars related books ready to blast book shelves and the net, more on the Dave Filoni Star Wars” Rebels season 3 incredible reveal of ‘Grand Admiral Thrawn’, a breakdown of the fantastic teaser trailer for ‘Rebels: Season 3’, the gangs final thoughts on Celebration Europe 2016, your Twitter questions and much, much more on a special edition of Jedi Council!




Don’t forget to send your questions on Twitter to @kristianharloff. Keep in mind the shows new hashtag of – #ColliderJediCouncil.




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  • StoJa

    What a HUGELY disappointing Celebration, at least like they guys say, from a movie aspect. R1, E8, Solo, etc…just pissed down their leg with this portion.

    • SonOfConstantDiligence

      Disappointing if you were expecting a lot of reveals. It was fun and entertaining if you weren’t.

  • WackyBantha

    Do you all think that the REBELS series will end after the events of Rogue One or after the destruction of the first Death Star or before any of those time periods?

    • The MacGuffin Guy

      I’m guessing rebels will be a 4 season show that ends right before rogue one. They could go past that but it starts to get Murkey if Luke is in the picture and the rebels are fully formed with 2 Jedi that were never mentioned.
      Plus Filoni said Rebels would be a lot shorter than clone wars to make room for a new animated SW show he was working on (presumably set in the sequel era but who knows)

  • Force Ghost

    At the Celebration Europe Future Filmmakers Panel, Rian Johnson said he watched the following films with the Lucasfilm storygroup to inspire the scriptwriting for Episode 8: Twelve O’Clock High, Letters Never Sent, Bridge on the River Kwai, Dambusters, Three Outlaw Samurai, Gunga Din, and Sahara. Rian Johnson said that after production for Episode 8 ended and he has seen the film he has put together he realises that much of Twelve O’Clock High has made it into Episode 8. Does this mean that Episode 8 will be a war film focusing on the Resistance fighting the First Order? Will Episode 8 explore the relationships between Resistance fighters and between First Order soldiers during the war? Will Leia, Poe, Finn, Wexley, Hux and crew be the main characters of Episode 8 instead of Luke, Rey, Kylo and Snoke? Will Three Outlaw Samurai inspire the story of Luke, Rey, Kylo and Snoke? If the abovementioned films inspired Rian Johnson and the storygroup during scripwriting, what do these films reveal about the plot and style of Episode 8?

    • Longstar

      Yea. Rumors were that daisy isnt heavily involved in the focused plot of episode 8, but instead has significant yet isolated scenes with Luke nd Kylo Ren. Kelly Tran, Finn nd Poe are prob the focused characters of episode 8, with Luke, rey nd kylo with their own side mission

      • So the story of “who is Luke Skywalker” again fails to give us much Luke Skywalker. If this is correct it would ruin the ST for me. I like 7, but it could have been so much better than a simple rehash. Now instead of correcting it they want to give us more war based crap that we wil, be getting with RO anyways. If RO is gonna be war lacking the force, then the episodes should heavily feature the more mystical side of Starwars. This comment is depressing.

        • Steven

          Agreed – what happened to the Saga episodes being about the Skywalkers!?!

        • Longstar

          Well, RIan said they will dive deep into character, so it might be more of Rey. Finn and Poe dealing with adversity. I believe the Resistance falls, and Poe would probably have to step up as a leader, and Finn is finally fighting for a cause.. Rey might have a struggle between the light nd dark, while facing an improved purely evil Kylo Ren.. I think the action will be there but it will still be about the characters

  • Clone11038

    recap? Rogue One celebration reel, no trailer, rebels season 3, Thrawn.

    • SonOfConstantDiligence

      Why are people so upset over the trailer?

      The movie is only 5 months away, we’re going to be getting a trailer soon anyway.

      • John C Newbern IV

        Because we waited all spring for SWC and the majority of fans that weren’t there were snubbed!

        • The Prodigal Knight

          Even the fans that were in attendance said the trailer was nothing special. A minute long trailer with 95% recycled footage.

          • Clone11038

            No it wasn’t… I saw the leak, and could tell that it had those new things I wanted to see (large vfx shots), plus hell! Darth Vader’s final shot! You can’t understand WHAT is it without pausing and rewatching…

            • The Prodigal Knight

              I never watched the leak. I am just going off what the Collider crew said. If Vader was in it that was worth the price of admission.

          • StoJa

            Not even close to 95% recycled. it was 60/40. TONS of new one shots. This is definitely worth releasing.

            • SonOfConstantDiligence

              It was 60% new shots, 40% old. I did the math.

              35 total shots. 21 were new, and 14 were from the previous teaser.

        • SonOfConstantDiligence

          You poor things. I’m sorry you were disappointed.

          How have you not learned to never get your hopes up too high?

      • Clone11038

        because we feel cheated? I mean, many of us where watching celebration just for a trailer, and when they release it, hell, they don’t show it to us! I personally have been waiting since the other teaser came out to see that damn trailer!

        • SonOfConstantDiligence

          https://streamable.com/rzww there ya happy.?

          • Clone11038

            That’s not in HD…

            • SonOfConstantDiligence

              It doesn’t need to be in HD to watch it lol

              You said, you had been waiting since the other teaser to see the new trailer. There it is!

              It’s 60% new shots, and 40% old.

        • Lucas

          I was at Celebration and didn’t get to see it, haha. I was so bummed that I didn’t get a wristband for the Rogue One panel… But I’m sure they will release the trailer after SDCC.

  • Smullie_1138

    One thing that comes to mind, there still isn’t a release date for the 3D version of Force Awakens…

  • StoJa

    I saw the teaser. It’s up on Reddit, pretty good quality too. There’s enough new shots that it warrants being shown to the masses. It’s 60/40 old vs new. Further drives home the message that it IS a war movie. Lots of soldiers, gun fights, troop movements, etc. Vader got a big reaction.

    Now that I’ve seen the bootleg version I really want the clear, official release. Maybe at or after Comic Con.

  • SonOfConstantDiligence