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All Footage from Star Wars: The Force Awakens Trailers and Spots in Chronological Order (6:30 min.)!

Kylo RenThe guys from Disneyland Experience have taken every scene from every Teaser Trailer, Trailer, Behinds The Scenes, On The Set, Featurette, Online Spot and TV Spot and put every clip in order as how they believe the movie will play out.



There are some slight mistakes, but overall the compilation is pretty accurate.

Now watch almost 7 minutes from The Force Awakens:





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  • The Original Drew #BAEROD

    balls that was good.

  • Christian Norgaard

    the final shots of the millenium falcon are backwards i believe it first plunges into the trees and afterwards into the snow to its final crashing place. This movie is going to be freaking powerful

    Amazing compiation of the falcon sequence in jakku we get to see how rey figures out how to get out of the wreckage

    • Kenny Ritchie

      Also when we Rey push down on the throttle, pretty sure that happens way back in Jakku.

  • Joey Hooson

    Thought I couldn’t be more excited for this movie… I stand corrected.

    • Dennis Achterberg

      Tell, me, are you moist now?

      • Joey Hooson

        Moist as a boisterous oyster.

  • Ainnem Agon

    This new laser sword of Kylo is so idiot…

    • Adavanter Mki

      It’s grown on me. Seems to fit his wild nature. Like he’s a bit crazy when he’s in a fight. Safety be damned.

    • Sundeep Vallabhajosyula

      We still haven’t gone past this even after all the shots of the saber in action?

      • Ainnem Agon

        But that IS the point! The more I see it in action the more I see it is SO CLUMSY, SO UNNECESSARY! Just a visual gimmick without functionality!

        • Myka Lgum

          The whole point of his character is that he is trying to be a complete Sith but is just a boy. His light saber is an unfinished project he wants to finish. He is a deeply troubled inferiority complex kid. That’s why he wants the finished light saber of Luke, to copy. His training is a mess.

          The Kylo story will be a true evolution to the dark side, unlike the awful grumpy complaining Anakin in PT.

          • Dennis Achterberg

            This, you are absolutely right. It’s called character building and not “I HATE SAND”

    • Darth Vedder

      That’s the first thought that crossed my mind when I first saw the lightsaber. But now that it seems like the guy doesn’t even know how to put it together proper I think it works…in fact, that’s the only way this could work.

      Although everything that’s known about the character so far feels lame to me. Not exactly a great villain at a glance. Good thing he just seems to be a henchman (whether related to the Skywalkers/Solos or not). Hopefully Snoke will be a much more imposing presence.

    • Christopher Laughlin

      Dude, do you have anything positive to say about anything ever? Your posts are like a skipping record of negativity.

      • Ainnem Agon

        OK, so tell me: Why is it cool? We saw in TPM Maul´s dual blade and he proved its usability. But… this?

        • Dennis Achterberg

          so, you saw TFA and you saw him disprove the usability. Your Logic is flawed and your posts are more than irritating at this point. There probably is a website where Prequel Lovers can complain all day about OT and ST fans, but this site isn’t it kiddo.

    • TUD

      Either you’re on Internet Explorer and are only NOW seeing the first teaser, or you’re just being negative for no reason. Get over it, get over yourself, or get out.

  • Adavanter Mki

    Wow… even though they just loop that one song 3 times… it’s still powerful. I mean look at that. It’s a very rough outline right there… and I love it. The movie is already a hell of a ride. I can’t imagine 2 hours and 16 minutes of it!

    • Tuareg Mahoma

      then imagine just about 8 minutes less for the end credits :-)

  • rebelgb

    Epic. Would have preferred 3 different songs for continuality but otherwise it was awesome!

  • Macnido

    Shure gives you that warm feeling. Impressive! Only a few days to go. Can’t wait to see what went on after that party on Endor… a long, long time ago…

  • Notorious SL Snoak aka Grant

    Wow! I only just noticed now how the shot of Rey staring at the Star Destroyer engine is taken directly from Han entering Echo Base in Empire. Same angle and everything.

    • Notorious SL Snoak aka Grant

      I’d have preferred this with dialogue though and not an endless loop of the trailer music.

    • Ainnem Agon

      That´s what I’ve been saying all the time: REBOOT!

      • Notorious SL Snoak aka Grant

        Hardly surprising considering it’s all Abramsknows how to do.

  • Concealed Courier

    OK, that was F*CKING AWESOME!!!!

    • danholo

      So awesome. *heart racing* *in disbelief* Look at shot where the Falcon is hovering sideways on Jakku! Wow!

  • Rasmus

    I think it’s amazing, that we have seen “so much” but still has no clue what the movies is about! Getting more and more exiting, and the movie is just around the corner!!

    • danholo


    • Tuareg Mahoma

      some of us know the movie from memory already :-) just few glipses missed, that´s all. But the basic story is well known…

  • Remy Verhoeve

    It’s probably outdated already :D

  • Strenuousobjector

    I feel like I’m starting to see too much. I’m still super excited, but when I saw all the Jakku stuff put together like that I felt like I was watching a decent idea of the movie. I do like how the majority of that video is stuff on Jakku. Shows there is still plenty hidden from us.

    • acrovader

      Just 6 minutes of a 135 minute film…

      • danholo

        What he said.

      • Dee

        What’s more i think not all the shots that appear on the trailers will make the final cut in the movie. That will make it less than 6mins.

      • Strenuousobjector

        I get that, but when you see all of those clips chronologically it starts to make it easier to fill in the gaps. Obviously we haven’t seen even close to everything, but we have a much better idea just from what’s been released.

    • knightsabers

      Didn’t Mr JJ mention at one point that all the clips were from the first act of the movie? Or was he just referring to the toyline?

      • if thats the case we are in for a serious ride.

      • Dennis Achterberg

        most of the toys are from the first third of the movie, hence no Star Destroyers or stuff like that, but you do want those $150+ lego boxes under a Christmas tree

  • acrovader

    Shouldn’t the Falcon crashing happen earlier?

  • Bluemilk7

    for all those who believe we’re seeing too much, just keep in mind that JJ and the entire team behind this project haven’t given up their plan of keeping this movie under wraps. if you watch the video, keep in mind that OVER half of it is on jakku.. so over half of ALL of the footage we’ve seen is still from the beginning of the movie. the rest of it being short glances at other sequences from the film.. i also think we’re getting too much, but after seeing this i realize that we’ve basically seen nothing. and don’t forget that we’ve seen 99% of clips with zero dialogue and zero film score.

    • danholo

      I know, right!?

  • WackyBantha

    Was the BB-8 “grappling cable tool” shot in this? I don’t think I saw it. Here is the link:

    • The MacGuffin Guy

      I didn’t see it, I actually thought I missed something since that is a memorable shot.

    • Ainnem Agon

      Dude… This “stormtrooper sword” thing is so… idiot.

      • Dennis Achterberg

        Go watch Star Trek please if you need scientifically accurate science fiction, but don’t bother us with the fact that you think all melee weapons in SW suck.

      • TUD

        Yay, MORE complaining…

  • OpinionGiver

    Do we really need these kind of consolidation videos? Just to see it all in one place (probably due to some feeling like any TFA footage is magical and even better if it’s combined)? Geez, some people just have too much time on their hands. I’m as big of a SW fan as the next person but come on! No wonder people outside the fandom think that most SW fan are losers and have no lives (because of uber nerdy fans like these guys; it gives everyone else in the fandom a bad reputation).

    • DarthZaximus

      And it is comments like yours which make people feel shit about themselves. Go home troll. These guys are passionate about star wars (more so than you it seems) and did a great job making this video, and here you are trying to tear down their enthusiasm. Shame. SHAME.

      • Bobby Sharp

        “And it is comments like yours which make people feel shit about themselves.”

        I doubt it, actually. These types of comments are pretty much received as meaningless. Just some dude complaining and blathering on the Internet.

        • OpinionGiver

          Sorry that the truth hurts guys.

          People, we have 15-16 days left. Then you will see ALL the TFA footage to your heart’s content (so much so that doing consolidation videos like this one will seem meaningless).

          I’ll give the makers of this video credit for being passionate fans, but that doesn’t take away the fact that they had so much time on their hands for making it.

          Sorry, but I’m getting tired for people labeling SW fans as no-life losers and geeks/nerds and these type of fan-made projects aren’t doing the fanbase any favors in changing the perception about SW fans.

          • Bobby Sharp

            If you’re that concerned about how Star Wars fans are viewed, why come here and start accusing one of having no life? Get real. The maker of this video isn’t hurting anyone and if he somehow damaged your identity as a Star Wars fan, that’s your problem.

            Any who really cares how Star Wars fans are viewed anyway? If someone thinks that I’m some sort of “no-life loser” because I’m a passionate Star Wars fan and they personally feel that I’m not properly allocating my time, then piss on ’em. I don’t care.

            Thanks for looking out for us, but it’s not necessary. I’ll wave my own Not-A-Geek flag. Even though I’m sort of a geek….

    • Bobby Sharp

      What a windbag. Cooking up this video probably didn’t take the immense slews of time you seem to think it did. And where in your awesome, clearly un-nerdy life did you scrape together the time to bitch about something on a Star Wars forum?

  • The MacGuffin Guy

    Epic supercut. Really fun to watch

    • danholo

      All those shots were awesome! Look at the Falcon flying on Jakku. Look at those X-wings racing over the water! I’ve been ogling at this stuff for over a year now and I’m still in awe every time I watch these scenes.

      • Remy Verhoeve

        It will be breathtaking, no doubt. Let’s hope the story is as solid. Hear me baby? Hold together

  • danholo

    This movie looks FANTASTIC! All those action shots are wonderful. I hope the story and dialogue hold up. Best be optimistic guys, we might be in for quite a ride!

    • Dennis Achterberg

      I can’t wait for Solo, the joke he made on that talk-show “If I changed what I’m flying? Yeah, I don’t fly that plane anymore” would be gold if it was something like that in the script.

  • danholo

    2 weeks guys!! At least here… (16th in Finland)

  • danholo

    My post count is a testament of my excitement!

  • Helge Kåre Fauskanger

    Very, very nice! There were even a few glipses I hadn’t seen before.

    Of course, the exact order of the scenes must be conjectural, but I suspect they are broadly correct.

    The glimpse of the burning forest is likely misplaced; it seems to be the same as the snowy forest the Falcon bursts through. Likely the new superweapon is making the planet or its sun explode, and Rey is desperately making the jump to hyperspace one instant before the whole planet goes up in flames.

  • Ian

    As if you weren’t jaded enough.

  • Luz

    It seems it is divided it in 3 parts, Jakku, the forest planets: rebel base and/or castle planet, and the ice planet.
    And we have elements/character to follow the evolution, BB-8, Poe/Finn leather jacket, the lightsaber and the Millenium Falcon.

    BB-8 seems to be in Jakku at the begining with Poe in a secret mission, that is regarding us Obi Wan. So I wonder if he is a Jedi trained by Luke, for example.
    We have to wonder also why the First Order is destroying all villages in Jakku and capturing Poe.
    There is a footage not appearing in this video: Poe and Finn talking in the Destroyer.
    As Finn is wearing later the jacket in Jakku we have to wonder if they scape by themselves or with any help, as that part is missing, it could be Luke, or Han/Chew…
    The fact is that Rei and Finn and BB-8 meet each other in Jakku by accident and also randomly scape in the Millenium Falcon.
    That is Jakku.

    The second part shows the Castle attacked and X-wings with Poe going to the battle, Finn fighting with a blue lightsaber, Han, Chew, and finnally Rei and Kylo in the forest, and we don´t know how or why Rei saves her life in the combat with Kylo.
    But, we don´t know how they have met, there is a missing part there. How Han, Chew are meeting Rei and Finn in the Falcon before the Castle battle.

    And finnally the ice planet looks like a strike back from the rebels.
    It seems like Chew, Han, Finn and may be Rei have a special mission.
    BB8is now with Poe in the X-Wing.
    Also it is clear they meet Kylo in the forest, at least Finn. And something important happen there.

    At this point, I have to say that we are not really sure if this order is totally right.
    We don´t know if the ice planet is the last footage or not.
    It should be and probably it is, but we wonder that just because all trailers are showing it at the end.
    What seems totally clear is that Jakku is the beginning of the movie, and all those elements relating the characters, the lightsaber, BB8, the Millenium Falcon and the jacket, are present since Jakku.

  • Definitely got a few things in the wrong place, but pretty close! I strongly doubt we’ll see Rey before Poe. I think it most likely goes: 1) Opening Crawl, 2) Lightsaber tumbles from space to Jakku, 3) Poe coming to Jakku to retrieve lightsaber, 4) Village Massacre…

  • wow, this actually gave me more chills than the trailers.. The build up of the conflict, at least what you can sense. When leia is handed the lightsaber, when you see luke touch R2- chills :)

    I can’t wait to see the whole thing. it’s gonna be awesome!

    • Remy Verhoeve

      But if that is indeed Luke, where is this scene and what’s the deal? It doesn’t look like that island, nor does it really look like Mark Hamill’s physique. It’s perhaps the shot I’m most confused about – the rest of the plot looks pretty straight forward.

      • TUD

        Mark Hamill confirmed a while ago that that’s him.

  • Ainnem Agon

    OK guys despite all my rant I really feel this movie is gonna be wonderful. Gee, it even has all those dogfights that I love and always begged for in the prequels and never had.

    BUT… I hate the proposed plot/storyline for this “new canon”, and how it is so cleary a reboot of SW4, So, all in all, it is gonna be a kick-ass movie with a ruined Star Wars story.

    • TUD

      You haven’t even seen it. Your endless complaining about a story you haven’t even heard is quite annoying. You might want to dial it down.

  • Death star 49

    It’s Really great to see how the full movie might look when rey and kylo-ren are “Fighting” I believe he stops rey and takes her to starkiller base. While that happens it leads the Resistance to jakku to for the final showdown.

  • MaxboxOne

    looks good. 2 more weeks and we finally got a basic plotline lol