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Collider’s Jedi Council: Episode 32

Jedi CouncilOn today’s special episode of Collider Jedi Council Kristian and John discuss the shattered pre-sale records of The Force Awakens, new possible cast members to Episode IX, new writer on Rogue One and more. Also, Jedi Council are very happy to have the creator of the Kanan comic and one of the Rebels Season 1 executive producers Greg Weisman in studio. Kristian and Greg chat about the creation of the comic, the tie ins to the series and what is in store for the cowboy Jedi.




Don’t forget to send your questions on Twitter to @kristianharloff. Keep in mind that the show now has a new hashtag – #ColliderJediCouncil.



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  • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

    *Sigh* As pointed elsewhere on this site……
    Adam Driver is a TALL, fit young man in his 20’s. The man was a marine so he knows his way around action scenes.
    Mark Hamill is a SHORT, rounder (even after getting fit) old man in his 60’s. Outside Star Wars, He’s really stayed away from action type roles.
    I mean honestly, It’s more believable if you said Carrie Fisher was really Daisy Ridley since at least they are close to the same height.

    • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

      Oh yeah, We’ve seen Driver minus his mask as Kylo and unless Hamill went to a rejuvenation clinic which de-aged his face and got a damn good dye job as well as a new nose/eye color then it’s simply not him.

      • True, also in the last trailer you see Kylo without the helmet. And you see his black hair, unless Luke is wearing a wig ;) But lets forget this theory,

        • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

          Not to mention the voice. Same tinfoil hats who thought Sidious wasn’t Palpatine.

    • ArynCrinn

      Adam Driver is actually in his 30s.
      Just saying.

      This whole Kylo Ren = Luke Skywalker theory is nonsense.

      • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

        Typo but he does look more like a twenty something meaning he’s young enough to be Hamill’s son.

        • mabruno

          Driver is only 31, so it is not at all unreasonable that he may look like he’s still in his 20s.

          • Old Fart Orrimaarko aka Grant

            Only been acting in films for about 6 years too. Which sort of bothers me even if he’s in the mask for most of the film.

  • polterclown

    for the record the original posters for Empire and Jedi had 10 characters each. (Luke’s appears even 2 times on that Empire poster) i do agree there everything on this tells a story, like that death star being in blue color ( like Finn grasping that blue lightsaber) ( its a rebel weapon but still a necessary evil needed to defeat the first order)

  • Weston Konik

    I understand people at work or whatever getting upset and anxious over buying tickets online., but i found it as a blessing. I had to wait to use cash (as i had no money on my card) and so i just went down to the theater and bought 4 tickets for a preview screening on the 17th. If you were able to, people should have just went down to the physical theater lol

  • Melike

    Unrelated to the subject itself, I had to say this: I am not very pleased with the website’s new mobile design. It took me a lot to comment here, and I couldn’t even click anywhere in my iPad for it took so long for loading. I would be really happy if you do something about it because you are my favourite Star Wars source and clearly, the best out there.

    • Brian Doble

      I can’t agree with you anymore I’ve been having a lot of issues with the mobile.

  • Brian Doble

    In regards to the 9 year old actor who said that he would be a Jedi is it a possibility that he could be Han Solo and princess Leia’s grandson or Luke Skywalker’s grandson. All three are in their 60s I believe with Princess Leia possibly being an hour late 50s. for example my parents are in their mid 50s and I am 30 years old and have three daughters of the ages of 7 6 and 4. Rey and Kylo Ren look to be in their mid 20 I do think that they are going to be either solos or Skywalkers. but who’s to say that they are the only solo or Skywalker children there could be older brothers or sisters who could be the father of the 9 year old actor that is going to be possibly in episode 8. We have heard rumors of a an additional female role in episode 8 rumored to be Han Solo’s daughter. also with Kathleen Kennedy saying that the saga movies will be based solely on the ongoing Skywalker family story why not have younger children actors to established for episode 10 11 12

  • TheSithCritic

    Is Kylo Ren Actually Luke Skywalker?

    John Campea: “It’s not even worth speculating on”

    Yet it’s the title of this week’s Jedi Council episode. Click, click, click , clickbait. Could have named the episode after the 15 minute interview with the Kanon comic
    creator, perhaps?