Star Wars Weekly Buzz! Edgar Wright IS NOT Doing a Star Wars Movie, New Star Wars Cinestory Comic and More!

This week on out Star Wars Weekly Buzz:

We share highlights from John Boyega and Thandie Newton on their Star Wars related quotes; Lucasfilm and Joe Books announce a new Star Wars Cinestory Comic; A closer look at a REAL-LIFE Star Wars Stormtrooper rifle; Rogue One director Gareth Edwards visits Kong: Skull Island; New preview for The Freemaker Adventures; Director Edgar Wright IS NOT making a Star Wars film and more.



John Boyega caused quite a stir online with one simple tweet. It’s clear that John’s comment was about an upcoming project, but many fans took it like he was talking about Star Wars. Well, he wasn’t.




And of course Mark Hamill didn’t miss the chance to troll the fans a little more.



There you have it. Finn is Luke’s son in The Last Jedi! 🙂





Edgar Wright


Director Edgar Wright, while promoting his new film “Baby Driver“, dropped a tiny hints about one of his future projects with CNET. Wright was asked if he would consider directing a future Star Wars film, the 43-year-old responded with an interesting answer.

“I guess so, yeah. Yeah. I have something crazy, but I can’t tell you.”


Connie Gugliemo, CNET News editor-in-chief, asked for a clarification and Wright said.

“Oh no, you can tell us,”.

“No, I really can’t,” Wright said, laughing. “You’ll see at Christmas.”


CNET took this as he was talking about an upcoming Star Wars project but the director later completely debunked that misunderstanding:






Lucasfilm and Joe Books announce new Star Wars Cinestory Comic.



Joe Books and Lucasfilm are teaming up to celebrate the 40th anniversary of  Star Wars with a deluxe edition Cinestory Comic adaptation. Spark of Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic is the first book in the series and will be released on August 17th.

Here is the complete schedule for release:

  • Spark of Rebellion: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic – August 2017
  • Star Wars: A New Hope Cinestory Comic – September 2017 
  • Path of the Jedi: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic – November 2017
  • Maul: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic – February 2018
  • Grand Admiral Thrawn: A Star Wars Rebels Cinestory Comic – May 2018

Read more about it here.






Actress Thandie Newton spoke recently to The Wrap about her experience filming the new Star Wars stand-alone movie – Han Solo.


Newton had this to say:


“It’s fantatic, im loving,” she said of the London set for Solo film. “It’s different from anything else I have done or am doing.”
But why, Thandie?

“I can’t tell you. It’s just different, OK? It’s just really different.”





Some photos of Rogue One director Gareth Edwards’ Vietnam Kong: Skull Island set visit.

This article (written in Vietnamese) says that on June 7, director Jordan Vogt-Roberts took Gareth Edwards on a visit to the place where he shot Kong: Skull Island in Ninh Binhm, Vietnam. Apparently, the 42-year-old Edwards was really surprised by the beauty and scenery of Ninh Binh and had a wonderful visit. Take a look at some more pictures of Gareth and Roberts on their Island adventure here.






A new Season 2 preview and press release for the Freemaker Adventures debuts:


At the end of the first season, the Freemaker family found a new home with the Rebel fleet. Their new circumstances bring them face to face with brutal Imperial forces, desperate Hutts, conniving Sith Lords, and the Emperor’s latest plaything, M-OC, a terrifying hunter droid who continually modifies himself to fit any occasion. In response to these threats, Rowan’s powers grow and strengthen until he has a vision of a sleek, invulnerable ship that can save the Rebellion and stop the Empire in its tracks – the Arrowhead. The catch is, the Arrowhead is a ship only Rowan can build. Once again, it’s up to the youngest Freemaker to save the galaxy.







IGN’s Up At Noon Live fired the submachine gun that the Battlefront’s E-11 rifle was based on.








Star Wars Fan Film “Versus: The Way to Shadow”


Darius is a Jedi on the run, maybe even the last of his order which was reduced to nothing by what we now call the empire. Like everything which is rare, he’s tracked relentlessly. By the rebels who send their best agents to bring him on their side, by the empire and his numerous clone troops, by a mysterious bounty hunter, and by a powerfull sith warrior. When Darius resurfaces, all of these forces with opposite interests surround him and clash violently…


Versus: The Way to Shadow is a non profit fan film based on Star Wars universe. You can check their Facebook page here.








Star Wars: Behind the Scenes of Behind the Scenes.

Jenny talks to David and James Codeglia who shot behind the scenes of Star Wars Ep 7 and 8 and then reveals the Behind the Scenes of this episode.








Han Shot First In Comics







Star Wars Episode I and Battlefront 2 Comparison of Theed












Latest from Pablo Hidalgo:









Stay tuned for more next week.



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12 thoughts on “Star Wars Weekly Buzz! Edgar Wright IS NOT Doing a Star Wars Movie, New Star Wars Cinestory Comic and More!

  • June 11, 2017 at 8:04 pm

    Regarding firing the Sterling sub-machine gun (E-11), it’s impossible to achieve a high rate of accuracy firing continuously on full automatic. No security forces do this, it’s pure Hollywood. In reality, security forces fire with single shot or what was in the case of the Sterling, short bursts to achieve a high level of accuracy.

    • June 12, 2017 at 3:37 pm


      • June 12, 2017 at 5:10 pm

        Reference to the pointless exercise in the “Shooting a real life Stormtrooper rifle” posted video.

        • June 12, 2017 at 5:50 pm

          Right, but you understand that it is fictional, pure Hollywood, like you said. Maybe in a Galaxy Far Far Away, they are more accurate.

          • June 12, 2017 at 6:53 pm

            This video was based on why stormtroopers are so inaccurate. The presenter uses the real weapon that the E-11 prop was modified from to make some worthless kind of point. On the firing range, he proceeds to fire the Sterling sub-machine gun on full automatic, i.e. keeping his finger continuously on the trigger until the 34 round magazine is spent. He’s then surprised at his exceptional poor level of accuracy. That particular weapon has an effective accuracy of around 200 meters. He was less than 100 meters away from the target. As someone who spent 4 years in an infantry regiment, I can attest that nobody fires that kind of weapon like that. That is what my comment centres on, his firing style. It has nothing to do with what happens on the screen using a prop.

          • June 12, 2017 at 9:11 pm

            They are inaccurate b/c the heroes can’t die from faceless cannon fodder, but I understand your point.

          • June 13, 2017 at 5:33 pm

            Totally agree with you on that.

  • June 12, 2017 at 1:51 am

    LOVE Edgar Wright’s films. Hope he gets involved in Star Wars some day.

  • June 12, 2017 at 4:43 am

    That bleeding crystal crap is stupid af

    • June 12, 2017 at 1:56 pm

      Why can’t it just be that there are red Kybers and they are a no-go for the Jedi to use, simply because it’s a color appropriated by the Sith. Why did they have to contrive some crazy explanation — this is about as bad as the Midichlorians thing.

      • June 13, 2017 at 12:19 am

        I disagree. One is a stupid scientific explanation that fucks up the mysticism of Episode V, while the other actually expands the mystic quality of the Star Wars universe and shows just how far the Sith will go to take their anger out on the world around them. I like it.

  • June 12, 2017 at 7:39 pm

    So, will Finn and Luke have some kind of relationship after all ? I’m pretty sure Mark Hamill wouldn’t have teased that line if someone high up at LucasFilm didn’t want to leak it.

    BTW, Luke and Finn having some kind of iteration doesn’t mean they have to be biologically related, which they probably are not anyway.

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