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Be Part of the Ultimate Star Wars Fan-Film – the Dark Resurrection Series.

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Dark Resurrection is an Italian Star Wars fanfilm written and directed by Angelo Licata and produced by Davide Bigazzi and Licata.
The story begins a few centuries after Episode VI, telling the story of a young Jedi apprentice, who lives during a period of great change in the balance between the force and the galaxy.
So far the story consists of 2 episodes with a third one being in production…

Star Wars fans itching for another cinematic experience in their favorite universe have now been given the unique opportunity to make it happen. The filmmakers behind Dark Resurrection Vol. 2, an ambitious Star Wars fan-film, have just launched a crowd-funding campaign on Fansflock.com in order to meet their ambitious goal of creating a Hollywood-quality Star Wars movie.

The brainchild of Director Angelo Licata, who is working in collaboration with executive producer Fabrizio Rizzolo and many others, this will be the third film in their gripping and visionary Dark Resurrection series, which began with the viral hit of Vol. 0 and the equally well-received and popular sequel, Vol 1.

Both films were highly popular among fans and critics alike, and each one was crowd-funded and produced without profit; all of the artists, technicians, and visionaries who participated received no financial contributions, being driven only by their passion for filmmaking and Star Wars. Nevertheless, the films – which can be viewed in their entirety on the official Fansflock project page – were noted for their high-quality storytelling and effects despite a combined budget of only around $50,000.

Vol. 2 aims to up the ante in terms of quality and storytelling by offering significantly enhanced technical and creative elements. The film will maintain the same setting of its predecessors while bringing to life a completely new and original set of characters. The saga that has brought together millions of fans from around the world will now come to its epic conclusion, provided it gets the fan support it needs.

Dark Resurrection Vol. 2’s filmmakers hope to reach $150,000 in order to meet their creative goal. This includes the following characteristics:

•             A feature-film length of 100-120 minutes.
•             Using of hundreds of extras for an epic scale.
•             Building several digital sets, both internal and external, in more than 20 different locations, in order to create a true cinematic experience.
•             Creation space ship models in three-dimensional photorealistic quality.
•             Purchasing least four workstations for elaborating and compositing 3D animations.
•             Utilizing post-production software and dedicated plug-ins.
•             Use of render farm to compensate for the large amount of information to process for post-production.
•             An impressive première organization for a Hollywood-style unveiling.

As with the previous films, there is no profit motive in mind, with plans to provide Vol. 2 free of charge online – a testament to the dedication of the filmmakers. If you consider yourself the ultimate Star Wars fan, or otherwise appreciate the admirable cause of indie filmmakers, then visit the Dark Resurrection Vol. 2 project page on Fansflock to pledge whatever you can in support. You can also learn more about the film’s background, details, objectives, funding goals, and rewards for supports if it’s successfully funded.

Check out the project here.


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  • Anonymous

    I tried to watch the first one but… it just lost me. I respect the quality and the effort they put into it but man right around the beach scene I just didn’t care anymore. If there’s an awesome twist ahead or something let me know…

  • Anonymous

    When I first went onto this website and saw this fan film poster I got REALLLLLLY excited. Then I saw this is “just” a fan film.

    Oh well.

    • Props to the fans who put their hard work and effort into making these film s, but rest assured that the EpVII poster will probably be a lot more subtle and recognizable that this one. Don’t be expecting one to actually be released by LFL until next spring at the earliest.

    • You really think we’ll have to wait till spring? Giving us a poster is the least they could do, they don’t even have to have the name of the film on it…. or the could just give us the name..

    • I meant a legitimate lisenced movie poster from Disney that we’ll start seeing in theaters and such. We’ll certainly get promotional images to build our anticipation for the ST.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, so far fan films haven’t really excited me. But who knows, a good one may come out yet.

  • I just watched it. I liked it, But there again, I do love cheese.

  • This is post-legacy era? Does anyone know if the first film is any good and if I need to learn italian to watch it?

    • Didn’t you read the article? it says it is et a few centuries after ep IV. It was ok I guess, a bit cheesy but ok It’s just over 40 mins long.. And no you don’t need to learn Italian, it has subtitles.

    • The Legacy comic series takes place about 150 aby. A few centuries could be exaggeration and/or mean 200-odd aby. That’s all I was wondering

  • Anonymous

    They should do the Thrawn Trilogy, those books were as good as the OT! Good on these guys for loving SW so much- I hope its a bridge to the professional ‘next step’ for them!

  • Anonymous

    …like someone going into your Church, putting on your Priests frock, and reciting Star Trek. Don’t desecrate what is sacred, ta.

  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t feel or look like Star Wars. Maybe LOTR in space.

    • Anonymous

      ^ don’t be surprised if you type this same sentence on December 18, 2015.

    • Anonymous

      I was thinking the same thing anon feb 24 at 12:35

      I hope however we aren’t saying that. but i think we will be

    • Anonymous

      I really don’t think it’ll (episode 7) be like “LOTR in space”

      Unless Peter Jackson magically becomes involved in the film or Tolkien rises from the dead and demands they let him help. Both of theses are unlikely, but I wouldn’t mind if they happened. If Anon feb 24 12:35 meant it not feeling like Star Wars in general…yeah…

  • …But the best Star Wars Fanfilm was the Pink 5 Saga :(

  • Anonymous

    Damn, it seems pretty good.

  • Anonymous

    Dark Resurrection, to be greatest film of all time! Bigger than Avatar, to be highest grossing of all time with greatest villain of all time in long time ago in galaxies far far and away of all time!

    • Anonymous

      It’s in Italian… I’m sorry but I HIGHLY doubt it will be better than Avatar. Especially if they are trying to sell it to an American audience. I watched 15 minutes of it and decided I hated it just because it was in Italian. Cool effects though for a fan film.

    • AnonymousFebruary 24, 2014 at 1:49 AM = Darth Malgus

  • Anonymous

    here is a tip on a just finished swedish star wars fanfilm http://www.tirzitis.se/tod/ it´s called “threads of destiny” & they have been working on it for many years

    I hope the italian guys get the funding for their movie to complete it, it looks really good
    PS, does anyone know a site where all star wars fanfilms are gathered?

  • Anonymous

    Hmm… nice image of an Eclipse-class Super Star Destroyer on the poster. ….

    Hope this fanfilm turns out good.

  • I understand George Lucas generally supported fan films

    From Wiki:
    The Official Star Wars Fan Film Awards is an annual contest put forth by Lucasfilm and AtomFilms to showcase and acknowledge the growing genre of fan films made by, for, and about fans of the Star Wars saga. … In 2012, Lucasfilm announced that the contest was being discontinued, and that the company was looking for “new ways for fans to share their creativity”

    Do we know how Disney feels about this stuff? technically these are copywritted characters and intellectual property worth billions of dollars helmed by a multi-national. It would be purely awful if they put an end to the fan films but have we heard them make any commentary about the fan films? we can see above that in 2012 Lucas Film ended their fan film contest.

    I don’t know much about this issue at all, just curious.

    • The fanverse is an enormous part of Star Wars and so many people dedicate incredible amounts of time and money to projects with no profit. It’d be a shame for Disney to, in a way, spit in the faces of those fans by cracking down on fan fiction after Lucas spent so many years supporting and encouraging it.

    • Anonymous

      As long as people aren’t making money from them, there’s nothing Disney can do.

  • Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 6 Trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • iPadCary

    I wouldn’t worry about “STAR WARS: Dark Ressurection-Vol. 2”, if I were you.
    They have 8 days left in which to collect $150,000 and
    so far they have $3,000 & change.
    Mama Mia! lol