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SWNN Poll: The Music of John Williams

Throughout cinematic history, soundtracks and scores have been used to breathe life and emotion into the moving picture stories on screen. Without legendary composer John Williams, classic moments in Jurassic Park, Superman, Harry Potter, and Indiana Jones wouldn’t have resonated or made as strong an impact in the cultural zeitgeist. In this week’s SWNN poll, we’re going to pit a […]

SWNN Weekly Poll – Favorite Star Wars Lightsaber Fight

Lightsabers. The clash of the iconic laser swords (as George would put it) have always been inextricably linked to Star Wars. There are, of course, a lot of things that make Star Wars unique. But, when you remove the lightsaber duel Star Wars just isn’t Star Wars anymore. There are any number of sci-fi or […]

SWNN Weekly Poll: The Future of Solo – Do You Want Lucasfilm to #MakeSolo2Happen?

The end of Solo: A Star Wars Story had an open ending for several of the film’s characters. From Qi’ra heading off to Dathomir to join her new boss Maul, to Enfys Nest’s Cloud Rider gang and the grass roots of the rebellion, and of course Han and Chewbacca journeying to see what this Jabba […]

SWNN Weekly Poll: Spin-Off Showdown

The Skywalker saga will have spanned nine movies over the course of the last 40+ years. But there are spin-offs, extended adventures, animated features and even a holiday special that aren’t included in that count. We want to know which non-Star Wars Star Wars movie you prefer in our new SWNN Weekly Poll! Chris ManningUnder […]

SWNN Weekly Poll: Choose Your Favorite Star Wars Author/Comic Book Writer

Dash Rendar. Jacen Solo. Sana Starros. Mara Jade. None of these characters would exist without the brilliant minds of the authors who have contributed to our galaxy far, far away for the past 40 years. Crack open the spine of your favorite Star Wars book and get ready to vote in this week’s new SWNN […]

SWNN Weekly Poll: The Spoils of War

Blurry set photos, new costumes, a Lost actor joining the cast: last week was rife with new and exciting developments about Episode IX. But is there a limit to how much you’ll peek before December 2019? To spoil or not to spoil, that is the question in this week’s brand new poll! Chris ManningUnder the twin suns […]

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