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Review – A Padawan Caught In The Middle In Marvel’s Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple #3

A looming conflict between the Fylari and the Ontohon government becomes reality in this week’s issue of Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple. Padawan Cere Junda recently discovered the Fylari – a peaceful, isolationist culture living outside the government of Onotho. They’ve caught the interest of a young executive Dylanto Daa of the Daa Corporation due […]

Review: The Hunter Becomes the Hunted in Marvel’s Star Wars: Target Vader #4

Want to hear a joke? (Spoilers ahead…) A girl, a cyborg, a pig-lady, a four-armed monkey, and an Australian mummy walk into a bar. They all hide, hoping to catch the evil dark knight by surprise. But the knight obviously doesn’t like surprise parties, and he lets them know it very quickly. Before they can […]

Review: The Resistance is Desperate in Marvel’s Star Wars: Allegiance #1

The Journey to Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker continues this week with Marvel’s Star Wars: Allegiance #1 from writer/artist team Ethan Sacks, Luke Ross, and Lee Loughridge. Allegiance is a four-part comic mini-series that will be released every week throughout the month of October. The series follows the Resistance against the First Order as […]

NYCC 2019 Lucasfilm Publishing Panel- New Thrawn Trilogy and More Stories From A Galaxy Far, Far Away Revealed

With NYCC 2019 upon us, we expect some exciting news from the Lucasfilm Publishing panel happening this afternoon. Our own John Hoey and Lacey Gilleran are on the ground to cover the news as it unfolds from this panel. Authors expected to be in attendance: Cavan Scott (Dooku: Lost Jedi), George Mann (Star Wars: Myths […]

Review – The Hunt For Skywalker Begins In Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #37

Sad to say this is the beginning of “A Rogue’s End”, which will be the final arc of Doctor Aphra. While the doctor’s future in Star Wars is still vague, I’m hopeful there are big plans, but it’s still sad to know this series is coming to its end. The good news is writer Simon Spurrier kicked […]

Review: All Plans Go Awry in Marvel’s Star Wars #72

  The countdown to the end of the ongoing titular Star Wars series is underway with only a few issues left to go. As we march nearer to The Empire Strikes Back on the galactic timeline, the heroes of the series have split up to throw the Empire off their scent as they search for […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Kevin Feige is Feeling the Force and Will Develop a Star Wars Movie

Kevin Feige is feeling the Force and jumping into a galaxy far, far away. We give our take on the Marvel mega-producer’s entry into Star Wars and what we should and should not expect out of a Feige produced Star Wars movie. We have differing takes on that Kylo Ren Age of Resistance comic, talk […]

Review – A Sith Lord Under Fire in Marvel’s Star Wars: Target Vader #3

Beilert Valance continues his relentless pursuit of the one person in the galaxy who usually does the pursuing: Darth Vader. Valance has effectively closed the gap between the Dark Lord of the Sith and his team of bounty hunters, leaving little left to do other than to see if they can outsmart and outmaneuver the […]

Review – A Padawan Finds New Allies In Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple #2

The action returns to Ontotho this week in Jedi: Fallen Order – Dark Temple. This series so far is very fitting as a companion to the forthcoming game. There has been a ton of action and no shortage of lightsabers. The previous issue concluded with padawan Cere Junda surviving an ambush as she and her master, […]

Review – If You Aim For The Emperor You Better Not Miss In Marvel’s Doctor Aphra #36

Despite the recent news, our Doctor Aphra presses on in her adventures across the galaxy – but in this issue, she’s hit a bump. The doctor and her young ward have been caught up in a plan to overthrow the Emperor, cooked up by none other than the Imperal Minister of Propaganda, Pitina Voor. Aphra […]

Review – The Sisters Who Resist in Marvel’s Age of Resistance: Rose Tico

We met Rose Tico in the midst of tremendous loss during The Last Jedi. She’d just lost her sister, Paige, and the Resistance lost nearly their entire fleet. Nevertheless, Rose put aside her grief for her family and friends to continue the fight. She never faltered throughout the film. While some of the other protagonists took […]

Marvel To End Multiple Star Wars Series In December with Star Wars: Empire Ascendant broke some major news this morning. The ongoing series Star Wars and Doctor Aphra will see their runs end in November, along with the conclusion of limited-series Target: Vader. The big three will see their story come to a close in the three year window between A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Doctor Aphra’s series has run parallel […]

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