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Non-Spoiler Review – A Lost Truth Found in Force Collector by Kevin Shinick

“The Force?”, Rey says, as Kylo Ren bears down upon her with his crackling blade, wondering why he can’t best a scavenger from a nowhere planet in the Outer Rim. The Force is a myth to most people living in the era of a galaxy far, far away – even the descendants of the Force-sensitives […]

Review – Rise to the Challenge in Marvel’s Allegiance: Journey to The Rise of Skywalker #3

How ’bout that trailer?!? Now that we’ve gotten a glimpse of what’s coming in December, we can rejoin our heroes as they cross the galaxy in search of new allies and weapons to fight the First Order. It’s not joke the Resistance needs all the blasters they can get, so Finn and Poe are up […]

Review – An Old Ally Tested In Marvel’s Allegiance: Journey to The Rise of Skywalker #2

The lead up to The Rise of Skywalker continues this week with the second issue of Allegiance. The First Order, under the merciless leadership of Kylo Ren and General Hux, continue to scour the galaxy for any trace of the Resistance. Worlds across the galaxy learn the price for even communicating with the Resistance as the First Order fleet […]

Spoiler Review – A Rebellion Renewed in Spark of Resistance: Journey to The Rise of Skywalker by Justina Ireland

Happy Triple Force Friday! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate than a wonderful book Justina Ireland gifted fans this morning, Spark of Resistance. This marks the beginning of “Journey to The Rise of Skywalker” and what a beginning it is! This story really reinvigorated my positive outlook on Star Wars and makes me even […]

The Rise of Skywalker: Images of Upcoming Retail Items Give Us a New Look at the Knights of Ren and Our Main Cast of Characters

We were sent images of puzzle covers and other retail items for Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker that give us a very cool look at the Knights of Ren wielding their weapons, amidst our other heroes and villains from the sequel trilogy. John HoeyJohn Hoey is the Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for Star Wars […]

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