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Star Wars: The Last Jedi 4K Ultra HD Blu Ray Review

The time is here.  Star Wars: The Last Jedi is available to purchase for digital download and will be as well for Blu Ray (of both the standard and 4K variety) on March 27. This is when we get to bring it home, scour through bonus features, and watch the film on repeat until we […]

Review: Jason Fry Expertly Expands and Enhances The Last Jedi in His Novelization of the Movie

Author Jason Fry is no stranger to Star Wars, having written multiple source books and junior novels, including two tie-in books for The Force Awakens and the Servants of the Empire series, so it should come as no surprise that he is intimately familiar with the Star Wars universe, and this knowledge really shines through […]

Duty, Love, and Sacrifice: The Case for a Hera Story

“It was a simple story about a boy who was lost and a girl who was broken. They fought alongside a survivor, a war veteran, and a fallen knight. I led them into battle against an evil so terrible it tried to black out the stars. We fought for each other. We fought for those […]

Editorial: Clarifying J. J. Abrams’ Recent Statement On Star Wars Backlash

(I have an alternate title for this piece: Reading Comprehension In Reporting And Reading Beyond Misleading Headlines: A Star Wars Story. Doesn’t roll off the tongue as well, so I’ll stick to the first one.) J. J. Abrams recently made a statement about sexism and backlash against Star Wars that seems to be taking the internet […]

Editorial: Ezra and Anakin – How Similar Are They?

Ezra Bridger is loved by some fans and maligned by others. His detractors have bandied about terms such as “Space Aladdin”, noting his street rat-like resemblance to the character animated by Disney. Some have drawn comparisons between his behavior and that of the iconic Anakin Skywalker. While the characters certainly have their differences, there is […]

Editorial: “I am No One”: Why Rey’s Origins from The Last Jedi Make Sense

Over the last two years, there have been a lot of fan theories about the true origins of Rey, the scavenger from Jakku we all met in The Force Awakens. There were also a lot of discussions between fans about the various signs that seemed to indicate her relation to many of the Original Trilogy […]

SWNN’s Trip to LA for The Last Jedi’s Global Press Conference!

SWNN attended the Global Press Conference for The Last Jedi in Los Angeles this past weekend. We want to first and foremost say thank you to Disney and Lucasfilm for this incredible opportunity and honor. James Baney, who is also a member of our official podcast The Resistance Broadcast, documented his trip to the event, […]

Star Wars: The Last Jedi Global Press Conference in LA.

It’s time for The Last Jedi Global Press event taking place in a secret location in LA. Our site was lucky enough to get invited to the event and we will be live tweeting. Our own @Mirahtrunks will be covering the event so hit the jump for his videos and tweets… Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of […]

SWNN Video: Star Wars: Supreme Leader Snoke – A Mythic Case Study

In this video, Wayward Jedi approaches the mysterious Supreme Leader Snoke, master of Kylo Ren and shadowy ruler of the First Order, from a perspective rooted in mythology. What does the character represent, and using that, what guesses can we make about him going forward in the Star Wars franchise? Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of […]

Updated with the Winners! Happy 5th Birthday SWNN! Help Us Improve the Site and Win 1 of 15 Awesome Star Wars Prizes!

October 30th is a special day for every Star Wars fan. Five years ago today, it was officially announced that Disney was taking over Lucasfilm and would be making brand new Star Wars movies. Whether you liked The Force Awakens and Rogue One or not, you have to agree that new Star Wars is better than […]

SWNN Video: Rian Johnson’s Looper – A Star Wars Comparison

In this video, I briefly go over some of the story elements in Rian Johnson’s 2012 sci-fi thriller, Looper. There is some significant overlap between Looper and the main Star Wars saga, which indicates that Rian Johnson was the right pick for Episode VIII: The Last Jedi. He really knows how to craft sympathetic characters […]

SWNN Video: Star Wars: Love is the Balance – A Rey and Kylo Ren Story

What is Star Wars about? I think the answer is simply… Love. In this video, I make an argument for the popular “Reylo” theory, stating my case for why I think the sequel trilogy is a story of the two halves of the Force learning to love each other. For more reading on the subject, […]

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