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Star Wars Celebration – New Marvel Vader Series Announced, More on Age of Resistance, And A New Team Takes The Reigns of the Titular Series

Marvel’s Star Wars titles continue to expand the storytelling of Star Wars and today at Star Wars Celebration fans were able to get a glimpse into what it took to make the future holds for the Age of, the titular Star Wars series, and a new series called Target Vader. Marvel is also ramping up to tell many stories that tie […]

Editorial: The Mysticism of the Force Reawakens!

In a world where mankind seems to constantly find new ways to divide itself among a bevvy of issues, there is something incredibly comforting in “an energy field created by all living things, it surrounds us, it penetrates us, it binds the galaxy together.” Much like Star Wars itself, the Force is a very unifying theme. […]

Making Sense Of The New Star Wars Canon

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the creative powers that be declared that the only existing works of the Star Wars universe that the new films moving forward would be bound to in continuity are the original six films, the Clone Wars film and its companion TV series, and the upcoming Rebels TV series – as well as […]

Review – Lost Stars by Claudia Gray (contains spoilers)

  Well, Force Friday has come and gone and has forever made its impact on the Star Wars universe. On Friday, fans were given five options of brand-new books to read as an adult novel, three children’s novels, and a young adult novel, Lost Stars, hit retail shelves. Jordan Pate (Hard Case)Jordan Pate is Co-Lead […]

New Details Regarding The Force Awakens EU Books.

Star Wars Fan

Recently Viral Hide reported a list of planned Expanded Universe books that are being released to coincide with next years ginormous film release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Today we have some new details regarding the book series which, keep in mind, are all officially part of the Star Wars canon. Find out after the jump […]

Star Wars: Rebels and The Cantina Forum Updates! has updated its site with some Rebels news and we have a few announcements of our own after the jump! Echo-07

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