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Editorial: Star Wars Canon – Ahsoka and the Retcons

  So, I’ve talked about the history of canon and last week I looked at unintentional inconsistencies. Now I’m going to explore intentional inconsistencies, justifications for them and look at a different view of...


Editorial: The Mysticism of the Force Reawakens!

In a world where mankind seems to constantly find new ways to divide itself among a bevvy of issues, there is something incredibly comforting in “an energy field created by all living things, it...


Making Sense Of The New Star Wars Canon

After Disney acquired Lucasfilm, the creative powers that be declared that the only existing works of the Star Wars universe that the new films moving forward would be bound to in continuity are the original...

Star Wars Fan 31

New Details Regarding The Force Awakens EU Books.

Recently Viral Hide reported a list of planned Expanded Universe books that are being released to coincide with next years ginormous film release of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Today we have some new details regarding...