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Recap – New Titles Announced From Lucasfilm Publishing Panel At NYCC 2018

Some exciting news for fans hoping to get some new Star Wars reading material on their bookshelves in the near future. Senior writer and co-lead editor John Hoey was good enough to live tweet the Lucasfilm Publishing panel from New York City Comic Con 2018. There’s some exciting reading material headed our way later this year […]

Review – Hope Lives In Marvel’s Star Wars #55

If you’re feeling a bit wan from the continuous gut-punches this “Hope Dies” arc has delivered, you can take a little comfort in knowing this is the last issue. It’s a bitter end, but the galaxy is left with three heroes who know what a spark of hope can do. SPOILERS AHEAD…. Kyle LarsonKyle Larson lives […]

Review – A Lightsaber’s Fortune In Marvel’s Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #24

Into the fire we go this week with Doctor Aphra, Magna Tolvan, and Sana Starros as the quickly disintegrating Imperial flotilla jail makes a suicide run at a Rebel-friendly planet. If you think that’s a lot to cram into one sentence, then you probably haven’t read the issue, because that’s a small list of what […]

Review: Marvel’s Poe Dameron #31 – The Final Issue

After an incredibly fun ride through the panels of a great comic series from writer Charles Soule, the journey across the stars with Poe Dameron and his Black Squadron has finally come to an end. It has been a joy to read this series from day one, and I’m honestly a little sad to see […]

A Comic Series Based on the Upcoming Star Wars: Resistance Series May Be Soon On the Way

According to a recent article from Jedi-Bibliothek, German illustrator Ingö Römling recently revealed his next venture in the Star Wars Universe at the Noris Force Con. Starting in 2015, Römling began working with writer Martin Fisher on the 12-page comics that appeared in the Star Wars Rebels Magazine. With Rebels now over and done, it seems that Römling […]

Review – Marvel’s Lando: Double or Nothing #5 Delivers All The Goods

There’s no other way to say it: Writer Rodney Barnes, with artists Paolo Villanelli and Andres Mossa, delivered all the goods in this final issue. Lando: Double or Nothing is right up there with some of the best Star Wars comic series. Star Wars fans should really take a look at this series, especially since it’s completed by […]

Review – Sacrifices for a Chance of Survival in Marvel’s Star Wars #54

THE EXECUTOR? Bad. PRINCESS LEIA aboard the Executor? Worse. DARTH VADER pursuing Leia aboard the Executor? WORST OF ALL. Written by Kieron Gillen Illustrated by Salvador Larroca Colored by Guru e-FX Jelena Bidin (LadyMusashi)Staff member, comic and book reviewer. Cheers for the Light Side, but would drink with Grand Admirals.

Author Jason Fry Shines Light on a Long-Hidden Star Wars Easter Egg

Star Wars author Jason Fry unearthed a long-hidden easter egg of his own creation on Twitter this morning, and it’s kind of blowing our minds. The easter egg was born from the extended ending in the special edition of Return of the Jedi where we see a celebration montage after the fall of the Empire. […]

Review – Marvel’s The Last Jedi #6 Finishes A Great Adaptation

Marvel finishes it’s great run of The Last Jedi adaptation with the sixth issue this week. If you enjoyed the film, this adaptation has given you many of your favorite moments, as well as adding a few that were not in the film. This final issue is my favorite of the series and I think the […]

Review – Vader Encounters Echoes from His Past and the Sith in Star Wars: Darth Vader #21

DARTH VADER returns to the place of his birth as he seeks the path to his destiny. Echoes from the past reach out to him — both from his own, and from the dark history of the SITH. Written by Charles Soule Layouts by Giuseppe Camuncoli Finishes by Daniele Orlandini Colors by David Curiel Jelena […]

Recap of Timothy Zahn Panel from Rose City Comic Con 2018

Hey folks! Kyle here taking a few minutes to recap Timothy Zahn’s panel from Rose City Comic Con 2018 last night. If you follow Star Wars News Net on Twitter, you no doubt saw our live tweets covering it, but I wanted to elaborate on a few interesting things Mr. Zahn had to say that […]

Review – Interstellar Trophy Hunting And Deep Space Archaeology Collide In Marvel’s Doctor Aphra Annual #2

Well, if you’ve been waiting for Doctor Aphra to get back to space archaeology, this is your issue. The series started out headed in that direction, but like it’s namesake, you never really know what you’re going to get. My guess is this takes place before we met Doctor Aphra way back in Darth Vader #3. This is […]

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