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The Clone Wars Panel Recap – New Trailer, Clips and Concept Art from the New Season

During last year’s 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars at San Diego Comic Con, Dave Filoni revealed that we will be getting 12 new episodes from the fan favorite animation series, coming to Disney’s new streaming platform Disney+. Now during the panel at Celebration Filoni and many of the cast members shared more details about […]

The Resistance Broadcast – What We Can Expect From the New Episodes of The Clone Wars

Listen or watch below! On this episode we dive into the return of The Clone Wars and what we can expect out of the 12 new episodes! We also talk about the revealed details on the Solo: A Star Wars Story home video bonus features, announce our Solo Hasbro collection giveaway winner, and announce a NEW […]

Twelve New Star Wars: The Clone Wars Episodes Are Coming to Disney’s Streaming Service – Trailer and Complete Coverage of the SDCC Panel (VIDEO)

The 10th Anniversary panel for The Clone Wars just concluded and the hype leading up to this panel was justified! The Clone Wars is coming back! Dave Filoni was joined on stage by Athena Portillo, Ashley Eckstein, Matt Lanter, and composer Kevin Kiner. The panel journeys through the development of the series, discussing the production of […]

‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ 10th Anniversary Panel Announced for San Diego Comic Con

To mark the 10th anniversary of The Clone Wars animated series, San Diego Comic Con (SDCC) will hold a panel with the show’s Supervising Director Dave Filoni and special guests on Thursday July 19th! Here is the press release and details. John HoeyJohn Hoey is the Co-Lead Editor and Senior Writer for Star Wars News Net […]

Clone Wars Conversations! James Arnold Taylor Chats With The Voice Of Lux Bonteri, Jason Spisak

Episode 7 kicks off with James Arnold Taylor talking with actor Jason Spisak. Jason shares some previously unknown details about his Clone Wars “Lux Bonteri” character, and thoughts on the possibility of a Lux and Ahsoka romance. Check it out! Chad Stevens (Sen Cosmicflight)

Clone Wars Conversations! Sam Witwer Talks About His Involvement with Star Wars – Part 2

Part 2 of James Arnold Taylor’s discussion with actor Sam Witwer is here. This episode gives us even more details and behind the scenes revelations about the voice work on a Star Wars movie and all the details that come with this important part of the movie making. Check it out! Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder […]

Clone Wars Conversations Episode 4: Andrew Kishino on Voicing Saw Gerrera

In this new episode of Clone Wars Conversations, James Arnold Taylor talks with actor Andrew Kishino about voicing the Rebel extremist Saw Gerrera in The Clone Wars and what was his impact in the Star Wars canon. Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of SWNN, MNN and The Cantina forums. Born on April 24, 1980.

UPDATE! Ashley Eckstein & Matt Lanter Record New Material For Star Wars Mystery Project (Now Confirmed to be Forces of Destiny).

Ashley Eckstein (Ahsoka Tano) and Matt Lanter (Anakin Skywalker) have recently met to record new dialogue for an upcoming Star Wars project, making this the third major time they’ve collaborated since The Clone Wars and Rebels (presuming that they didn’t record new dialogue for the latter). Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a fan of Star Wars for as long as […]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars Remains On Netflix!

After concerns rose that Netflix was going to drop Star Wars: The Clone Wars from its list of streamable television programs (while curiously leaving the pilot movie up), some good news has arrived. The expiration date for the show came and went without the program’s removal from the service, meaning that the critically-acclaimed predecessor to Rebels (and the new […]

Star Wars: The Clone Wars May Leave Netflix on March 7.

Here’s a bit of a shocker: all six seasons from the fan-favorite cartoon Star Wars: The Clone Wars could be leaving Netflix this time next month. There’s a chance that they might stay (more on that in a moment), but right now is the absolute best time to binge-watch the show. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a […]

Pablo Hidalgo Talks About the Star Wars Cartoon That Never Was.

It’s no secret that The Clone Wars got increasingly dark as it went on, and a fan-favorite story arc involving Jedi Younglings was a lighthearted, welcome respite from what was becoming an increasingly serious show. What you might not know is that those four episodes were originally envisioned as a potential launching pad for an animated spin-off […]

Star Wars: Rogue One – Everything You Need to Know About Saw Gerrera.

It’s recently been confirmed that for Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Forrest Whitaker will be playing a live-action version of Saw Gerrera from The Clone Wars. Here’s everything you need to know about the character and why he’s important to the Star Wars saga. Plus, see what The Clone Wars and Rebels showrunner Dave Filoni thinks of the […]

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