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SPECULATION The Lost Jedi: What an Obi-Wan Anthology film might look like?

There have been rumblings over the last few months.  Rumblings is a hyperbolic term often used by entertainment industry reporters and/or film site writers to describe movement on a project and it’s key players. Those key players could include actors, writers, producers, and directors. In the Star Wars fandom world, there has been a great […]

Confirmation that the Desert Planet in The Force Awakens is Tatooine?

There were lots of rumors suggesting that the desert planet in TFA is not Tatooine. For some time now there’s been an image posted on the official Star Wars Celebration page, that could be our biggest confirmation that Tatooine is in The Force Awakens after all. Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of SWNN, MNN and The […]

New Picture From the Pinewood Star Wars: Episode 7 Set!

As you remember few months ago we brought you the first leak from the Pinewood set. It was a Tatooine set build on the North Lot of the studio. Now another image from the set found it’s way to us. Hit the jump to check it out. No spoilers ahead… Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of […]

What is to Become of Abu Dhabi’s Star Wars: Episode 7 Sets?

Already done filming in Abu Dhabi? That was fast! So now what to do with all those sets they built? Find out after the jump . . . As the calendar rolled over to June it seems, based on this JJ/KK pic, that Bad Robot/Disney/LFL rolled into London, marking the rapid end of the Abu Dhabi […]

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