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Lucasfilm to Showcase the Evolution of Stormtroopers in Star Wars at D23 Expo

Disney’s D23 Expo in August is where we will get our next looks at the first Star Wars live action series The Mandalorian as well as The Rise of Skywalker! Now D23 has announced that for the first time ever, Lucasfilm will host a pavilion at the expo, showcasing the history and evolution of Stormtroopers […]

More on The Last Jedi First Order Judicials and Speculation on Finn’s Fate!

Troopers…a staple in the Star Wars galaxy. From the first time we saw them appear blasting through the door of Princess Leia’s CR90 to the stalking black-armor clad Death Troopers in Rogue One, Troopers have been a constant in every film. Varying in style and purpose based on terrain and task, we have seen many varieties […]

Disney Trademarks “Shadow Troopers”. Possible Rogue One Connection?

  People who have played Star Wars: The Force Unleashed may be familiar with the concept of the Shadow Trooper (shown after the jump) – a more stealth-oriented and heavily-armed version of the Stormtrooper. Now, it appears as though Lucasfilm is revisiting the concept, as they’ve just trademarked the term “Shadow Trooper” – most likely for […]

A Better Look at the New Elite Trooper from Star Wars: The Force Awakens (and a Chrysler Connection!)

A much higher resolution photo with the Elite Speeder Bike toy from The Force Awakens, gives us a much better look at a new type of menacing trooper and where we could possibly see him in the movie.   POTENTIAL MILD SPOILERS AHEAD! Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of SWNN, MNN and The Cantina forums. Born […]

Promotional First Order Stormtrooper Poster Unveiled!

Twitter user Eric Patrick Cameron, AKA “TheSuperJedi” spotted this Star Wars promotional poster at with several First Order Stormtroopers at a nearby FYE store. There’s not really much else to say here, but be sure to click on the above image to see it in higher resolution. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a fan of Star Wars for […]

A Good Look at the Black Series First Order Stormtrooper Action Figure from The Force Awakens.

Want to get a look at the first of many Hasbro action figures? Jedi Insider has revealed images of the First Order Stormtrooper action figure, and the special packaging this action specific figure comes in. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a fan of Star Wars for as long as he can remember, having seen every movie on […]

Editorial: Stormtroopers vs. Clonetroopers

As we learn more bits and pieces about the role of the Empire in The Force Awakens, questions are beginning to arise concerning the Sequel Trilogy’s stormtroopers. Given that we’ve got a bit of a slow news week happening here, I thought it might be a good opportunity to clarify one or two things – […]

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