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Solo: A Star Wars Story Selling Well on Blu-ray

While Solo: A Star Wars Story was sadly the first (and hopefully only) box office disappointment for the Star Wars franchise, early data from its Blu-ray sales indicate the film is getting a cult following, or at least that the people who skipped out on the movie at the theater are giving it a shot from the […]

Review – The Empire Gets A New Recruit In Han Solo: Imperial Cadet #1

I like to think there is still a bundle of related content Lucasfilm has tucked away to follow-up on the characters and stories Solo set up. You don’t need to hear me gush about that film anymore but one of the reasons I loved it so much is because of the depth it added to the […]

Explore the World of ‘Solo: A Star Wars Story’ – New Facts About the Making of the Movie and a Fun Quiz

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available to own but the treats just keep on coming! We were sent a press release loaded with additional facts about the making of the movie which includes a “by the numbers” section, followed by a 30 question quiz about the movie! How well do you know Solo: […]

SWNN Weekly Poll: The Future of Solo – Do You Want Lucasfilm to #MakeSolo2Happen?

The end of Solo: A Star Wars Story had an open ending for several of the film’s characters. From Qi’ra heading off to Dathomir to join her new boss Maul, to Enfys Nest’s Cloud Rider gang and the grass roots of the rebellion, and of course Han and Chewbacca journeying to see what this Jabba […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Why ‘Solo’ Deserves a Sequel

Listen or watch below! On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we talk about why Solo: A Star Wars Story deserves a sequel. From story-telling, returning characters, new characters, a wide open ending, to how well it was received by fans, we feel the biggest underdog in the franchise since the original Star Wars deserves […]

The Star Wars Show: ‘Solo’ Bonus Showcase Event to Air Tomorrow on Facebook, Featuring Special Guests and More

On this episode of The Star Wars Show, Andi and Anthony reveal that they will host a special Solo: A Star Wars Story event tomorrow on Facebook at 8 PM EST/5 PM PST . The bonus showcase event will be co-hosted by  Solo co-writer Jon Kasdan, and will feature guests like Ray Park and Chewbacca himself, […]

Solo: A Star Wars Story 4K Blu-Ray Review

Over the course of last summer, Solo: A Star Wars Story joined a group of films that many people would never have predicted ANY Star Wars film would be associated with: a box office disappointment. There are a lot of opinions as to why this film didn’t attract a wider audience, but the fact remains […]

‘Solo’ is Available Now on Digital Download and Screenwriter Jon Kasdan Shares over 50 Notes and Facts About the Making of the Film

You don’t have to buckle up any more baby, as Solo: A Star Wars Story is available today on digital download! For fans who dive right into the special features, some may be disappointed there is no audio commentary. Screenwriter Jon Kasdan offered a bit of a compromise, taking to social media to release over 50 facts […]

EW Reveals Latest ‘Solo’ Deleted Scene: Han Solo Crashing a TIE Fighter (VIDEO)

When we first met Han Solo we got used to seeing him blow TIE fighters into dust, well now we finally get our chance to see the to-be rebel flying one! Thanks to the Walter Cronkite of Star Wars, Anthony Breznican, we get our first look at the deleted scene “Han Solo: Imperial Cadet” from […]

“Maul of Dathomir & Duel of the Fates” Music from Solo: A Star Wars Story + Three New Featurettes From the Home Release

The home release of Solo: A Star Wars Story is just a couple of days away, and information on the movie’s attached bonus content is pouring in. Today, we get a preview of a previously unreleased music track from the movie from composer John Powell and a sneak peek at a few of the included featurettes! Val […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Solo Deleted Scenes and Novelization Spoilers

Listen or watch below! Star Wars: Episode IX has added a few more names to its cast, we talk about the marketing for Solo: A Star Wars Story including the released deleted scene between Han and Qi’ra. We also talk about the novelization of the film, running down all spoilers and new moments from it that […]

Two New Clips from Solo: A Star Wars Story Focus on Darth Maul’s Scene and the Train Heist

We are just a week away from the release of Solo: A Star War Story on Digital. The official Star Wars site and IGN have just released two new clips, showcasing the two most exciting sequences from the movie – the Darth Maul cameo and the train heist. Check them out. Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder […]

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