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Review – Three Great Tales Packed Into Marvel’s Age of Republic Special

If you’ve been loving Marvel’s Age of Republic series, this is your week! Mace Windu? Asajj Ventress? Rex? Marvel has you covered with three self-contained stories that show some cool moments in each character’s life. In terms of content, I’d say each one is the equivalent of a Forces of Destiny episode, but a bit more mature […]

The Reluctant Jedi Master And Apprentice In Marvel’s Star Wars Age of Republic: Obi-Wan Kenobi

I wasn’t at all envious of Obi-Wan Kenobi at the conclusion of The Phantom Menace, when he took it upon himself to fulfill his master’s dying request to train a young boy who was unusually powerful with the Force. It wasn’t so much because I knew he’d be the death of Kenobi or that it would […]

Future Star Wars: Battlefront DLC to Focus on New Original Trilogy Content.

When a fan recently asked Electronic Arts about whether or not more content for Episode VII would be added to the game, they replied with a broad statement that the Original Trilogy would be the focus of the game’s upcoming content. Does that shut out the possibility of downloadable content for the Prequel Trilogy and the Sequel […]

Six Weeks To Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Clone Contest Edition

The countdown continues as we are now just six short weeks away from new Star Wars. To mark the event you can watch one film from the Saga each of the remaining weeks. If you are a bit more ambitious you could do a season of The Clone Wars each week. I myself will be […]

Happy 3rd Birthday SWNN! Featuring a Countdown, Contest and Staff Picks!

My how time flies. It was three years ago today that Disney bought Lucasfilm and kicked off this new era of Star Wars.  But that day also holds special importance here at SWNN as it was also the day that Star Wars News Net was born. Tim Levers (Rebo)

Saga Marathon and Star Wars: The Force Awakens Release Date Rumors

Film Marathons leading up to the newest chapter of a film series to be released have become somewhat commonplace in recent years.  So, it is not much of a surprise that we are starting to see rumors of six movie Star Wars marathons that will lead directly into the first showing of The Force Awakens. […]

Ultimate Star Wars Soundtracks Set for January Release.

The iconic soundtracks for the first six Star Wars movies, all scored by John Williams, have been beloved by fans for decades. On January 8 2016, the definitive collection containing his Star Wars music from the Prequel and Original Trilogies will be released on Vinyl, CD, and Digital formats. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a fan of Star […]

UPDATE! AMC Tweets Tease of Upcoming Star Wars Screenings – False.

Today we have hints of upcoming theatrical screenings of the Original and Prequel trilogies in the near future. Tim Levers (Rebo)

Upcoming Star Wars Saga Blu-Ray Steelbook Release

Star Wars Blu-ray steelbooks

With anticipation building for The Force Awakens, LFL has announced a “new” Blu-ray release of the entire Star Wars saga thus far. Read on for details… Patrick Russell (DEKKA129)

What We Missed This Month Regarding Star Wars Movies/Books/Toys.

Sometimes, the months get so busy that we can’t report on everything… But today, I’m going to fix that by talking about three important stories that we didn’t talk about in May. This post will talk about a potential Star Wars seven-movie marathon that could occur at AMC, a film festival in China showing the previous […]

Star Wars Digital Releases Get New Fanfare

While the classic Twentieth Century Fox fanfare will sadly be absent from Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens, a clip of Lucasfilm’s new fanfare for the Star Wars movies can be heard in the recent digital release of the six films. Click “more” to hear a re-arrangement of a classic part of the Star Wars score. […]

UPDATE! Details on the Upcoming Star Wars Digital Movie Collection.

For a while, discussions regarding exactly when Disney will distribute the hexology of existing Star Wars movies through the digital format have popped up every now and then. Recently, we’ve found an answer quietly released on Vudu that states that digital releases could happen as soon as this week. Grant Davis (Pomojema)Grant has been a fan […]

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