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Speculation: Could Star Wars 1313 Get Reworked Into Visceral’s Game?

Aside from a third console installment to the Battlefront series, 1313 was most-anticipated LucasArts project that was officially in development until the company’s untimely shutdown in April 2013. While Battlefront was confirmed to have a revival at that year’s E3, nothing has officially suggested that the Boba Fett-centric game would ever be reworked into a new game… […]

RUMOR: Details on Visceral’s Untitled Star Wars Game. A Hint for the Spin-Off Movie?

Not too long ago, we mentioned that the staff at Visceral Games are enthusiastic about their Star Wars project, and that they can’t wait to officially unveil it. While the release of the game is a ways away, we’ve apparently come into contact with exclusive rumors about the title – including how it might tie into a […]

More Cancelled Star Wars Games Revealed.

IGN got into contact with the former president of the now-defunct company Factor 5, well-known for collaborating with LucasArts to create their Rogue Squadron game series. The company’s former president revealed that two more Star Wars titles were in development at certain points in time, but remained unfinished due to financial troubles and creative issues. More on what […]

DICE’s Star Wars Battlefront Maps: Guesses And Hopes

A few days ago, I wrote a little article on what to expect from Battlefront. In that article, I mentioned that, based on an estimate of what LucasArts and DICE have produced in the past, we could expect as few as 9-10 maps and as many as 15-16 maps for the newest installment in the […]

What To Expect From DICE’s Battlefront: Speculation And Detailed Analysis.

If you like Star Wars, there’s a chance that you like the battles in Star Wars, and if you like the battles in Star Wars, you probably want to experience those battles for yourself. This was the premise used for LucasArts’s Star Wars Battlefront series, setting players into the shoes of soldiers that waged war […]

Star Wars 1313 Was Meant to Be a Boba Fett Game!

After Disney shut down Lucas Arts few days ago, it was announced that two of the games that were in development at the studio are cancelled – Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. Now few days later it is clear who would have been the main character in one of the games. Although […]

UPDATE! Lucas Arts Is No More.

Lucasfilm has decided it leave the videogame-making business.LucasArts has laid off all its game development and support staff, with a small team remaining to handle licensed products like the Lego “Star Wars” franchise.What will happen with Star Wars 1313 and First Assault? Read after the jump.UPDATE: Remembering Lucas Arts! The official statement by Lucas Arts: […]

Star Wars 1313 Is Being Delayed Until 2014?

Although back in October it was announced that Disney’s acqusition of Lucasfilm won’t effect the future of the new third person shooter Star Wars 1313, now there are some indications that it will actually be delayed at least for a year. Read why after the break. According to “three unrelated sources familiar with game […]

Disney Acquisition Will Not Affect Star Wars 1313.

IGN got a chance to talk with LucasArts about one of the most anticipated games for next year. Here’s what they said: For the time being all projects are business as usual.  We are excited about all the possibilities that Disney brings. “For any further information, LucasArts is simply directing people towards today’s official press […]

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