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Solo: New Details on Enfys Nest, his Swoop Bike, the Cloud-Rider Gang, and the New Planet Vandor

A few weeks ago when the name of the villain from Solo: A Star Wars Story was revealed, we shared some details with you about the means of transportation that Enfys Nest will use in the movie based on some leaked concept art. Now, a toy listing on ebay pretty much confirms our findings and […]

The Lucasfilm Story Group’s Leland Chee Confirms That More Star Wars Legends Characters Are Returning Soon

Lucasfilm has slowly been integrating content that exclusively applied to the Star Wars Legends continuity to the Canon continuity established by Rebels and The Force Awakens, among other works – with Thrawn’s arrival on the former show being the biggest example. Legends fans have good news going forward: Leland Chee has claimed that more characters will be returning, and soon. […]

Timothy Zahn Answers Fan Questions at AwesomeCon!

Timothy Zahn, author of the Thrawn series in the expanded universe (now called Legends), held a panel for eager fans at Washington DC’s AwesomeCon. I was lucky enough to be in attendance and got to hear Mr. Zhan speak on his work in canon, what he thought of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, and more. […]

SWNN Retro Review: Tales of the Jedi (Part One: The Golden Age of the Sith & The Fall of the Sith Empire)

In 1983, the Jedi returned to the galaxy and the Empire was defeated.  For all intents and purposes, the story of Star Wars was over, or so we thought… Read on for the first review in Star Wars News Net’s new series – Retro Reviews – which will cover material from the pre-Disney expanded universe, now under […]

Editorial: Why Disney Made the Right Call Wiping Canon

Now that most of us have seen Star Wars: The Force Awakens, it seemed like a good time to pan back a bit and take stock of whether the canon wipe was worthwhile or not. Much like opinions on Episode VII, it’s a divisive issue. There are those who are firmly on one side or the […]

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