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Review – Problems of His Own In Marvel’s Age of Rebellion: Lando Calrissian

Age of Rebellion continues this week with Lando Calrissian in “Cloud City Blues”. The charming rogue faces some very real problems of administrating a city, balancing a budget, and realizing if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. This story brought me back to both earlier Marvel Lando titles, as well as the performances […]

Review – The Falcon Is Coming In Hot In Marvel’s Lando: Double or Nothing #2

Between dictating his autobiography and plotting his next Sabacc game – Lando has found time to do some work as a pilot for hire. Along with Elthree, he’s been lead to a backwater planet called Kullgroon to help a soldier free her people from Imperial enslavement. What could go wrong? SPOILERS AHEAD…. Kyle LarsonKyle Larson lives […]

Kyle’s Spoiler Review – Solo: A Star Wars Story

You can count me among those who rolled their eyes and moaned “Why?” when Solo: A Star Wars Story was announced. I mean…it’s still a Star Wars film, but at that point, I was convinced Han had been done to death (literally). I wasn’t outright against it, but I just thought there was no need […]

The Caped Crusader of the Stars: Lando’s Guide to Style

From the very first moment he swaggered up to Princess Leia in his Cloud City chic, Lando Calrissian single-handedly raised the bar for fashion in a galaxy far far away. Chris ManningUnder the twin suns of Los Angeles, Chris continues to mourn the loss of Admiral Ackbar while championing the rights of Ewoks everywhere. Follow […]

SWNN Review: Marvel’s Lando #5

Along with three other Star Wars related titles, today marked the release of the final issue of the surprisingly entertaining Lando mini-series. Of all the Star Wars series Marvel has released so far, Lando was the one I was looking forward to the least. However, although it is far from my favorite, I have to […]

SW7N Review: Lando #3

This week brings us an interesting, to say the least, addition to the Lando series. It looks like this series is going to have bigger implications than Lando entering a Gambler’s Anonymous program or Lobot’s actually speaking. Sith artifacts, you ask? A look under the hood of those Crimson Imperial Guards? Why yes and yes! […]

SW7N Review: Lando #2

Some of the best caper stories in print and on film involve a thief going for that “big score” out of desperation but ultimately stealing something from someone so dangerous that it buries them in over their head in ways they don’t even know. In the Star Wars universe, stealing a ship called Imperialis belonging […]

Billy Dee Williams Still Has Not Been Contacted About Star Wars: Episode 7.

TMZ got a chance to speak with Billy Dee Williams and asked him a few questions about the upcoming Star Wars: Episode 7…They asked him if he would be willing to come back and be part of the new movie. He answered that he would be there if the want him and that a lot of […]

Billy Dee Williams to Participate in the New Season of Dancing With The Stars. Still Uncertain About Star Wars: Episode 7.

ABC has just announced the celebrity cast for the new 18th season of Dancing With The Stars. One of the contenders is surprisingly Lando Calrissian himself… ABC Entertainment News | ABC Business News The show starts on March 17 and usually one season spans over 2 months. According to one of our members SSP, Billy […]

Billy Dee Williams on Star Wars: Episode7 and More.

Blastr got the chance to chat with veteran actor, author and artist Billy Dee Williams at last week’s Wizard World Portland Comic-Con. Hit the jump to find out what he said about the original movies as well as answering the question will he return as Lando in Star Wars: Episode 7… From blastr: Lando was […]

Billy Dee Williams Talks Star Wars: Episode 7 and Harrison Ford.

  Billy Dee Williams was recently at the Wizard World Nashville Comic Con. As expected while discussing other topics he also talked about the upcoming Star Wars movie… First the actor was asked an interesting question by a fan. He was asked “how big of a jerk Harrison Ford was”. Williams was quick to defend […]

Still No Contracts For the Original Cast About Star Wars: Episode 7!

Billy Dee Williams’ manager Derek Maki announced at this year’s  DragonCon the start of a campaign to bring back Lando Calrissian for Star Wars Episode VII. He also revealed if the other members of the original cast have already signed any contracts… He said: “There’s a lot of rumors out there right now about the […]

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