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Review – Hutts Ruin Everything In Marvel’s Age of Rebellion: Jabba the Hutt

Confession time: My earliest memory of Star Wars is from a 1984 run showing of Return of the Jedi, being escorted out of the theater by my father as a small child, terrified of a giant slug who just murdered an innocent Twi’lek woman as she screamed out in terror. Needless to say, Jabba the Hutt and […]

Star Wars VFX Duo Neal Scanlan and Chris Corbould Hint at the Return of a Classic Villain to the Big Screen

Award-winning British effects experts Neal Scanlan and Chris Corbould were speaking at the British Academy of Film and Television Arts Los Angeles (BAFTA Los Angeles) awards season Tea Party at the Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills on Saturday when they hinted at the possible return of a classic Star Wars villain to the big screen. […]

Carrie Fisher Talks Wookies, Han Solo, Jabba and Episode 7.

Carrie Fisher was attending the Calgary Comic Expo this weekend where she gave a brief interview to the Calgary Herald about her possible return in Episode 7 and more… First she was in. Then maybe not. Then she was in again.And now . . . ?Yes, Carrie Fisher confirmed to a rapt audience at the […]

UPDATE! Yoda And Jabba – Your Next Star Wars Stand Alone Movie Possibilities? Plus Warwick Davis Talks SW.

After the rumors that there could be a Boba Fett stand alone movie and a movie based on Zack Snyder’s idea of The Seven Samurai, now is time for another one. According to AICN the first Star Wars stand alone movie will be based on….. Yoda! Val Trichkov (Viral Hide)Founder of SWNN, MNN and The […]

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