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Oscar Isaac Reveals That Star Wars Episode IX Has More Improvised Dialogue

Oscar Isaac has shared one detail that he feels separates his role on the Episode IX set from his work on the previous two Star Wars movies: there’s more freedom with the dialogue and improvisation in his acting. Grant Davis (Pomojema)

Star Wars Episode IX: More Details on the Reported Filming in Jordan and Other Potential Filming Locations

On the heels of the report we shared with you Monday, we came upon more potential details about this rumored shooting location for Star Wars: Episode IX in Jordan and some other potential bits about the film’s production. We spoke with someone, requesting anonymity, who shared this information with us – telling us that not […]

A Possible Filming Location for Star Wars: Episode IX Has Been Discovered

Thanks to Reddit member YenaMagana (YM), we may have just been given a glimpse of one of Star Wars: Episode IX‘s filming locations. While driving through Wadi Rum, YM (a Jordan resident), happened upon a very Star Wars-y looking scene. The user describes a lot of things that they were unable to capture on film, but […]

Dominic Monaghan Discusses the Amount of Screen Time he Has in Star Wars Episode IX

Dominic Monaghan remains tight-lipped about his Star Wars Episode IX character, but he’s just revealed details about how much we’ll see him in the movie. The answer he gives: quite a bit, but mostly towards the beginning of the movie. Grant Davis (Pomojema)

The Resistance Broadcast – Should Obi-Wan Kenobi Appear in Episode IX?

Listen or watch below! On this episode of The Resistance Broadcast we discuss if Obi-Wan Kenobi should appear in Episode IX! Will he appear? If so how will he appear? CGI Alec Guinness? Ewan McGregor? We talk about all of the possibilities surrounding the Jedi who has been with us since the beginning. Listen in […]

The Resistance Broadcast – Could Andy Serkis’ Snoke Be Returning for Episode IX?

Listen or watch below! Andy Serkis recently cancelled his appearance at Keystone Comic Con due to a “last minute scheduling conflict”, could it be? Is it possible that Serkis is returning as Snoke in some form or another? We get into how this is possible, especially now that J. J. Abrams and Rian Johnson have […]

Andy Serkis Cancelled Keystone Comic Con Appearance Due to Last Minute Scheduling Conflict

Andy Serkis cancelled a recent appearance at the Keystone Comic Con in Philadelphia, which was held over the last weekend. There’s been a trend of Star Wars alumni cancelling previously-scheduled appearances prior to – or during – filming for the new movies. So could Andy Serkis continue this trend with Star Wars Episode IX? Grant Davis (Pomojema)

The Resistance Broadcast – Will We See Rey’s New Lightsaber Before Episode IX Opens?

Listen or watch below! Timothy Zahn speaks about working with Lucasfilm Story Group, explaining how much power the filmmakers have over canon. Lacey is back and gives us an exclusive breakdown of the Star Wars exhibit at Rose City Comic Con, including the finest details of the Solo: A Star Wars Story costumes and accessories, and […]

Oscar Isaac and Domhnall Gleeson Talk the State of the Resistance in Star Wars: Episode IX, the Big Burden of Knowing the Full Script and More

Oscar Isaac has opened up about his experience on the set of Episode IX, speaking about JJ Abrams’ feelings on the film, Poe’s arc through the films and how it feels doing a film without Carrie Fisher. Josh AtkinsJosh is a huge Star Wars fan, who has spent far too much time wondering if any […]

New Star Wars Episode IX Casting Call Looking for Actress to Portray “KARINA” Supporting Role

Another supporting role for Star Wars Episode IX needs to be filled, as a new report suggests that director J. J. Abrams is searching for an actress to play a street-smart character referred to internally as “KARINA”. Grant Davis (Pomojema)

Greg Grunberg Returning for Star Wars Episode IX

The Star Wars Episode IX casting train keeps a-rollin’ as we’ve now got word that a character from The Force Awakens will be making a return: Greg Grunberg’s Resistance Pilot Temmin “Snap” Wexley. Grant Davis (Pomojema)

Matt Smith Joins the Cast of Star Wars: Episode IX

Star Wars Episode IX

Right after the announcement that Dominic Monaghan will be part of Star Wars Episode IX comes another significant casting announcement: Matt Smith will also be joining the cast. Grant Davis (Pomojema)

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