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Editorial: Just how Powerful is Luke Skywalker?

All of us have had our Luke toy at some point in our life. Mine was modeled after the classic Episode IV poster, open chest and all portraying skinny Luke as some sort of He-Man. His journey was our journey as we watched him develop from a whiny farmboy to a Jedi Knight. The shadow […]

Episode VII Cast Party Honoring Carrie Fisher’s Birthday.

58th Birthday

With recent news of Star Wars: Episode VII soon to wrap we’ve learned that there was a special cast party celebrating Carrie Fisher’s fifty-eight birthday! Read more after the hyperspace jump. Echo-07

Evolution Star Wars-Style (Part 3 of 3)

Tatooine AT-AT

In the first two parts of this special mini-series we took a closer look at how George Lucas used the theory of evolution within his saga. Now we take a more practical approach in looking at how the Star Wars saga evolved from ideas and concepts to realized film, specifically one “Nomi Starkiller” and how […]

Blonde Carrie Fisher Honored with the Golden Heart Award.

Award Galas

Star Wars: Episode VII‘s Carrie Fisher was honored last night in a ceremony in Los Angeles for her understated and charitable contributions to the Midnight Mission. Read more after the jump. Echo-07

Adam Driver and Gwendoline Christie at the Venice Film Festival.

Volpi Cup

Two of the many actors who put the “star” in Star Wars: Episode VII were recently at the Venice Film Festival. Find out who grabbed an award after the jump . . . Echo-07

Filling In The Pieces To The Star Wars: Episode 7 Puzzle.

It has been slow the last couple of weeks, obviously as the production enjoys a late summer hiatus. However, we have a few bits of information to pass along after the jump. Echo-07

Editorial: Star Wars: Episode 7 Revenge of the Stormtroopers!


WARNING: POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!   Recently I chronicled the rumor that Gwendoline Christie is perhaps playing a Stormtrooper, or a Sith, depending on what you want to believe. According to the latest rumor she is playing a Stormtrooper Commander hunting down a Stormtrooper deserter rumored to be played by John Boyega. All this talk of […]

UPDATE 2! RUMOR: Details on Gwendoline Christie’s Character in Star Wars: Episode 7? Plus the Actress Talks Star Wars.

Back on June 2nd it was announced that Game of Thrones favorite Gwendoline Christie had officially joined the Star Wars: Episode VII cast. Shortly thereafter rumors started to break that she was playing a Stormtrooper. Now, rumors are flying that she’s actually playing a slightly different character. WARNING potential SPOILERS ahead, after the jump! Echo-07

UPDATE – Report: Christina Chong to Join the Cast of Star Wars: Episode 7

Another actress has reportedly joined the cast of Star Wars: Episode 7. From Latino Review comes word that Christina Chong will play a role in the new film. Patrick Russell (DEKKA129)

Will Ian McDiarmid Return For Star Wars: Episode 7?

Just yesterday Mr. Ian McDiarmid appeared at the London Film and Comic Con. He spoke at length about his acting career, including his current roles, and whether or not he will be returning for Episode VII. Find out what he said, after the hyperspace jump. Echo-07

UPDATE! Rumor: Harrison Ford Is On The Fast Track For Recovery!

han solo

Millions of voices cried out in terror with the sudden announcement that Harrison Ford injured his ankle in a set accident in Star Wars Episode VII, as fears of another potential delay rose higher than ever before. However, it would seem that these concerns may be suddenly silenced, as it appears the actor that plays hotshot […]

Is Star Wars: Episode 7 Harrison Ford’s Last Star Wars Film?

By now everyone from here to Planet Mars knows that Harrison Ford broke his ankle while on the Millennium Falcon set, filming Episode VII. Broken ankle aside, could this be Harrison Ford’s last Star Wars movie? Check out what Harrison’s son Ben Ford had to say about it after the jump… First and foremost, I […]

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