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UPDATE 2! Watch Five New LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises Shorts!

Back in February Disney XD announced that an all-new animated short series titled LEGO Star Wars: The Resistance Rises will premiere on their network. The show will feature familiar faces from The Force Awakens, and the first short titled “Poe to the Rescue” aired on Monday, February 15. Now three more shorts have been revealed. […]

Star Wars Rebels: “The Siege Of Lothal” Gets an Official Airdate!

The official airdate for the premiere of Star Wars Rebels Season Two was notably absent at any Star Wars Celebration Anaheim panel discussing the show – but now, it looks like the cat’s out of the bag. Make the jump to find out when “The Siege Of Lothal” airs, and learn about how Disney XD is going to honor an […]

Star Wars Rebels: Season Premiere Plot Summary.

While I regrettably wasn’t able to catch the premiere of  the next season of Star Wars Rebels at Celebration Anaheim, I can say that DorkSideOfTheForce.Com and TheForce.Net’s message boards managed to do that for me – and, to my gratitude, they have left an overview of the episode. As such, with their help, a clear picture of what […]

UPDATE 2! Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Trailer, Official Premiere Date and Poster!

A new dawn is breaking for the crew of the Ghost, alongside newfound allies Bail Organa and Ahsoka “Fulcrum” Tano, as the seeds of rebellion are beginning to bear fruit; but with the onset of the Rebel Cells banding together for the first time, greater dangers face the fledgling militia, including the wrath of Darth Vader himself. Read […]

Star Wars Rebels Review: S01 E05 “Out of Darkness.”

The latest episode of Star Wars: Rebels is available from the Disney XD app. Read the latest installment of Herman22’s awesome series of reviews after the break. Echo-07

Star Wars: Rebels S01 E02 “Fighter Flight” Review.

Episode 4

As they did with “Droids in Distress” Disney has released the next episode of Star Wars: Rebels S01 E03 “Fighter Flight” on their Disney XD app. Read more after the jump . . . Echo-07

UPDATE 2! Star Wars: Rebels Season 2 Ordered. Greg Wiseman Leaves the Series.

star wars

Star Wars Rebels gets the green light for season 2 a day before the series is set to premiere on television. Hit the jump for the full story… DanDinohttp://xfgn.forumotion.com/

Star Wars Rebels Recap: Opening Theme, New Footage, & an Interview.

In between all the interviews of Simon Kinberg and Dave Filoni that we relayed from /Film in the past few days, a couple of interesting tidbits of Rebels popped up. Make the jump to hear the opening theme music for each episode, to see a bit of new footage (along with a date for a full preview), […]

Star Wars Rebels: Imperial Forces Inbound!

You can’t have a Rebellion without having an establishment to fight against, and Star Wars is quite obviously no exception. Early copies of the DK Book, Star Wars Rebels: The Visual Guide, have been seen throughout the internet, revealing the names and motivations of a couple of the of antagonists – of special note is Zare Leonis, […]

UPDATE 2! More Character Details for Star Wars Rebels Revealed – SDCC 2014 Panel Confirmed! First Look at Agent Kallus, Cover Jacket for A New Dawn.

Disney is raring to get people into Star Wars Rebels with media detailing the backgrounds of the lovable anarchists, and Studio Fun International has announced two books that will do just that – the colon-free Sabine My Rebel Sketchbook, and the colon-saturated The Secret Jedi: The Adventures of Kanan Jarrus: Rebel Leader. Recently, SFI released […]

Phineas and Ferb Star Wars Trailer.

Phineas and Ferb are living just one moisture farm over from Luke Skywalker on the planet of Tatooine when R2-D2 and the Death Star plans inadvertently fall into their speeder. With the fate of the galaxy thrust upon their shoulders, they hire pilot Isabella, Han Solo’s rival, to help them return the plans to the […]

Star Wars: Rebels Roundup!

With all the exciting happenings regarding Episode VII, it’s easy to lose track of the other cool Star Wars news, well, easy for some, but not us bounty hunters here at Episode 7 News. With that, make the jump to read about some Rebels info . . . JediNews has posted a little article regarding […]

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