Review – A Forceful of Monster in IDW’s The High Republic Adventures – The Monster of Temple Peak #3


Monster hunter Ty Yorrick continues her pursuit into the nest of the mysterious monster she’s been hired to handle. With her new companion, Drewen, Ty will make new discoveries while the past warns her of present dangers. And the chance to save someone who may be lost presents itself. Writer Cavan Scott loves a good scary story, so get out your leftover Halloween candy as we dive into this. SPOILERS AHEAD….



They’ve lost the girl who Ty originally hoped to find, somewhere in the caverns of the snowy mountains they’re searching. Drewen is trying to console her, but Ty won’t have it. She’s angry at herself and is trying to distract with the mission of finding a monster. The mountain offers more challenges to them both, and Ty ensures they make it safely to the mouth of the monster’s lair.



Ty doesn’t hesitate, trusting her experience and going right in. When Jedi head into caves, something is bound to happen, whether it relates to their past or present. Ty’s been haunted by memories of her Padawan days, another journey into darkness.



Ty and Klias continue their examination of the Yallow shrine, but he wants to take it a few steps further. Determined to bring back something and make a name for himself in the order, Klias decides to take an artifact. It senses his connection to the Force and jolts him with a strange, ominous vision. Before the artifact takes hold, he tells her to run. I’m very intrigued by how this story ends and how it connects to Ty’s present situation.



No more time for reflection, the monster appears. While Ty has her trusty lightsaber, Drewen is reduced to throwing rocks. Ty is used to working alone and throws herself in front of the beast. At one point, she’s even atop it, trying to reign it like some sort of rancor. As she’s dealing with it, Drewen makes a startling discovery.



It’s Pela, caught in a web of some sort. Drewen assumes it’s from the monster, but this hints there may be more than one variety. Quickly, Drewen gets to work digging her out, but she’s still unconscious, so she can’t warn him of what else may lurk in the dark.



Ty’s battle with the monster ramps up, so much so they bring down the cave with them. The crash is an equalizer in the fight, burying both of them. Don’t worry though, they both survive to fight another day. As Ty digs her way out of the rubble, the other residents of the cavern make their introductions.



As Ty proceeds with caution, Drewen attempts heroics, igniting the saber she dropped and charging for them. Ty feels they are not a threat and doesn’t want them to think she is. She realizes they are being controlled by the monster, and more importantly, through the Force. The monster might not be as dangerous as Ty’s been led to believe.



She attempts to communicate through the Force. She learns Pela wasn’t abducted by the creature, she was protecting it from the villagers. But there is more, as Ty goes deeper into the vision she discovers something convincing enough to ensure its doom at her hands.



Whatever Ty saw sure pushed the lightsaber. We’ll have to wait next time, but my guess is it’s connected to the flashback. Maybe this creature has something to do with the fate of her old friend. Pela will likely get between Ty and the monster, so we’ll probably get some answers.


Overall, I’ve enjoyed The Monster at Temple Peak so far. It serves as a great introduction to Ty for folks who haven’t read The Rising Storm. I really hope we get more information about her Jedi days and the circumstances of her departure. Writer Cavan Scott has a lot of love for this character, and she’s just getting started. Perhaps we’ll have a whole series of her monster hunting days, and I’m here for it. I’d also love to see her show up more in the other High Republic comics, but I’m sure we’ll get there.


RATING: 6/10



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Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.

Kyle Larson

Kyle Larson lives in Portland, Oregon. When he's not running trails, he's reading and writing.