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‘Star Wars: Visions’ Episodes To Be Between 13 and 22 Minutes Long

We are now almost ten days away from the release of the next piece of Star Wars content coming up on Disney Plus. Indeed, on the 22nd, Star Wars: Visions will be coming.


It’s the first anime series set in a galaxy far, far away. All nine episodes will drop on that day on the platform, and while it’s been said that it will be a series of shorts, we didn’t really know how short they’d be. Apparently, the shortest episode will be thirteen minutes long, and the longest one will have almost the same length as the average episode from The Clone Wars or The Bad Batch.


Screeners were sent out this week, so we finally have some concrete information on this. Here’s Adam Frazier, from /Film:



If the entire series does indeed run for around 2.5 hours (150 minutes), that gives us an average of 16:40 minutes for each episode. While this will be the shortest animated series coming from Lucasfilm since the 2012 acquisition, it is still longer than many of us were expecting once the “shorts” term was thrown around. It must be mentioned, though, that these runtimes probably include the credits, so the actual runtime of each episode will probably be lower than that.



Star Wars: Visions promises to give many fans what they’ve been clamoring for years — a look at the franchise from a non-Western, non-white perspective. Asian cinema, and anime to a degree, has been a huge influence for the entire saga for many decades, going all the way back to Kurosawa’s movies, like Seven Samurai and The Hidden Fortress. Dave Filoni, who is George Lucas’ natural heir to the Lucasfilm throne (at least when it comes to storytelling) also has a big background in anime, both on his resumé and his fandom.


Visions is probably one of the most anticipated Lucasfilm projects for a lot of people, and since it is an anthology series, it is very likely we’ll get more than nine episodes down the line. Anime is hugely popular around the globe, so we’ll see how this animated Star Wars show performs internationally, an area Star Wars has struggled in for decades, when the show debuts on September 22. Meanwhile, make sure to check out the trailer for the series, as well as the official poster which dropped earlier this week.