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SWNN Book Discussions and What Happened in ‘Tempest Runner’ by Cavan Scott


Think you know Lourna Dee? Think again! Tempest Runner by Cavan Scott delivers an audio drama diving deep into the past of the Nihil’s deadliest soldier. Imprisoned on a Republic floating jail, Lourna must reconcile her past while she’s hunted in her present. With the stars in turmoil, Lourna finds her own inner battles while surviving the roughest parts of the galaxy far, far away. A High Republic story of revenge, rebirth, and renewal – Lourna Dee faces the galaxy on her own terms.


If you don’t have time to listen to the audio drama, James and I break it down for you here. Beware SPOILERS!



In the full discussion, we dive into:

  • Our ratings and favorite things about Tempest Runner
  • Rooting for Lourna, even when she’s doing bad things
  • Lourna finding her way out of everyone else’s designs
  • Redemption on Lourna’s terms
  • Where do Lourna and the Nihil go from here?
  • The benefits of telling a story like this through the medium of audio drama



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