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Hasbro Announces HasLab Star Wars Rancor Campaign Will Kick Off This Fall

Hasbro has officially announced that the next Star Wars Haslab item, a Black Series Rancor, will kick off its campaign this fall!


The Rancor was let out of the proverbial bag accidentally on a recent Hasbro live stream, but now the official announcement lets fans know the Rancor is coming soon. No specific date has been announced, only that the campaign will begin this fall. Fans can bookmark this link, a placeholder for the eventual campaign.


The Black Series is the very popular collector line of six-inch figures, meaning the Rancor will be a fairly giant creature. The Haslab program is really the only way of producing such a massive toy, which will be big enough to hold a Black Series Luke Skywalker or Gamorrean Guard in his hands.



The Rancor follows in the tradition of the two previous Star Wars Haslab items, including the Razorcrest from The Mandalorian and Jabba’s Sail Barge from Return of the Jedi. Both of those massive ships were part of The Vintage Collection, the 3 and 3/4 inch scale that has been the mainstay of Star Wars toys since the original Kenner line.


This represents the first foray for the Haslab program into the Black Series and follows the recent Marvel Legends campaigns of massive figures. The Sentinel debuted last year and Galactus is in its last week of funding right now. While no price details have been announced for the Rancor, one can expect something similar to those figures (i.e. in the neighborhood of $300-400).


The campaign will also very likely feature stretch goals as the previous Haslab campaigns did. Again, no details have been announced, but fans and collectors can anticipate figures or accessories that make sense in concert with the Rancor. One of the most obvious is Oola, who to this point has no Black Series figure. A Rancor Keeper is also possible.


Stay tuned for more details!