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‘Star Wars’ to Celebrate May the 4th With Original Fan Art on Disney Plus

Star Wars original fan art for May the 4th

May the 4th is approaching us at lightspeed, and Disney Plus is not going to simply sit this one out. Instead, they are celebrating Star Wars day by premiering the first episode of the new animated series The Bad Batch, but that is not it, apparently. Disney Plus and Lucasfilm have announced that the platform will be taken over by new original Star Wars fan art, like the picture that can be seen above.  From Disney:


In celebration of May the 4th (be with you), Disney+ will honour the creativity and artistry of the “Star Wars” community with a platform take over featuring commissioned original artwork by a group of global artists and “Star Wars” fans.

Lucasfilm and Disney+ worked with each artist to identify what title resonated most with them and have created unique pieces that visually bring to life the magic of the story.

Launching tomorrow, Friday April 30th, is the first piece of epic fan art on the “Star Wars” brand landing page.

The artwork celebration will continue on the platform next week, from Tuesday May 4th until Saturday May 9th with each movie and series’ illustrations updated to feature the original one-of-a-kind artwork. The updated art will become available for the below titles.



Jerrell B Jimerson, EVP of Products & Design at Disney Plus, said in a statement:


“We are constantly challenging ourselves to create experiences that engage fans more deeply and creatively with the Disney+ user interface. Whenever they open the app, we want viewers to feel like they are entering a truly unique Disney experience. For this year’s “May the 4th,” we teamed up with Lucasfilm to celebrate the fans that make this day possible by showcasing multiple pieces of impressive fan art created by the Star Wars community on Disney+.”


As of the posting of this article, the artwork is already available in the Star Wars tier on Disney Plus, all around the globe. More illustrations will be coming in the next few days, and they are visible on all devices.