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‘Republic Commando’ Boards PS4, Switch in April

The rumors were true: Delta Squadron will be back this April for a Republic Commando re-release on PS4 and Switch!


It was only a couple of weeks ago that we talked about a solid rumor/leak which claimed Star Wars: Republic Commando, a famous tactical shooter that debuted on PC and the original Xbox in 2005, was getting a re-release in the near future. Well, now it is official:



As we previously mentioned, Aspyr has handled the ports, which include QoL improvements, reworked controls, and trophies (PS4 version). The folks at Aspyr have gained quite a reputation re-releasing and polishing old titles, including several Star Wars games such as Knights of the Old Republic and Jedi Academy.


It appears that Disney wants to continue working with them and even strengthen the relationship, as they are likely working on a KOTOR triple-A remake/reboot of sorts, which would be their biggest project ever. Rumors also claim KOTOR 1 & 2 ports for modern consoles are coming as well, something we are inclined to believe after today’s news.