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‘The Mandalorian’ Episode 6 Runtime Has Reportedly Been Revealed

The Mandalorian Concept Art by Brian Matyas

We loom closer and closer to of the finale of The Mandalorian’s second season. With a lot of people assuming the the final two episodes will mirror the first seasons two-parter narrative, it leaves an even bigger question, what will happen in tomorrow’s episode to bridge the gap  between episode five’s massive reveals/Ahsoka appearance and whatever happens in the season finale?


Whatever happens, it’s being reported that this episode could, as one of the shortest episodes of The Mandalorian yet, be a sprint and not a marathon. Pegged as a slim 32 minutes, the source (FSK, Germany’s film/TV classification association) also correctly listed episode five’s runtime, so it’s a safe bet to say this is the correct info for tomorrow’s sixth episode.


While some of last season’s episodes did reach the low 30 minutes mark, after this season’s 55 minute premiere there was always hope that long episode trend would continue, alas it was just a super-sized premier episode (not that I’m complaining).


However, I’m sure we’d all agree quality over quantity is preferred. Lets do a bit of quick math though (I’m going off of Disney+ runtimes here, assuming credits and recap scenes are all about the same length – if you decide to go into each episode and get the exact runtime of new content please let me know!):


Season one’s episodes added up to 323 minutes of content which averages at 40 minutes per episode. Which when you look at it that way it’s the same length as an hour of normal television.



We’ve gotten five episodes of season two so far giving us 220 minutes of content averaging at 44 minutes an episode. Slightly longer than last season.


So, to catch up with the first season we need 103 minutes of new content spread over 3 more weeks, meaning 34 minutes per episode. If we assume the information we’ve gotten today is correct and that tomorrow’s new episode is 32 minutes long then the average comes down to 35 and we need 71 minutes in the final two episodes to reach the lengths set by season one.


This means that both the penultimate and final episodes of season two need to be 35 and a half minutes long each. The two final episodes of season one were the longest and 4th longest episodes of that season, at 49 and 41 minutes, respectively. My guess is, even if it’s only by 10 minutes, we’re gonna get more content this season than last season! I’m not convinced that conclusion was worth the effort I just put in doing all that….


However, Don’t let the potentially short episode tomorrow get you down though because, according to ILM’s Animation Director, Hal Hickel, we’re in for a wild ride. A rollercoaster in fact.



So the hype is definitely here. Get strapped in and please keep all arms and legs inside the vehicle as we enter the final 3 episodes of the season.