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‘Star Wars: The High Republic’ #1 Debuts First Look

As we get closer and closer to 2021, so does the release of The High Republic, the new massive publishing campaign from Lucasfilm that will explore the galaxy around 200 years before the events of The Phantom Menace. We’ve already seen some promotional material from the first two books that will kick off the event in January. Now StarWars.com is exclusively releasing the first-ever images from Star Wars: The High Republic #1, the first issue of the upcoming comic series that has yet to be dated, published by Marvel Comics and written by Cavan Scott, with Ario Anindito and Mark Morales drawing.


Scott told StarWars.com that he came up with the character of Keeve Trennis in the first Project Luminous meeting. About his collaboration with the art team, Scott said:

“The pages the art team have been putting together are just beautiful. Keeve is exactly how I imagined. No, actually she is a lot more. The facial expressions Ario has given her in these early pages helped inform the way her character responded to events in later issues. That’s what I love about comics. It’s a true collaboration.”


He also added, about his relationship with Ario Anindito:

“Before we got started on the pages, Ario and I got together and we geeked out completely about our love for comics in general and Star Wars in particular, even getting to the point when it all became a bit ’show and tell’ with us pulling out our favorite Star Wars figures and toys.”


This new comic series will not try to reinvent Star Wars, but rather build upon its legacy, even to tell stories so far removed in the past. For example, Marvel editor Mark Paniccia said that the Ximpi, a race of small winged creatures that Keeve encounters in Shuraden, are “a race that one of my fellow High Republic story architects, Charles Soule, created for the Lando Calrissian mini-series back in 2016.” He added:

“I loved them then and when they popped up again in Doctor Aphra, I couldn’t resist going to their home planet. One thing we’ll learn about Keeve is that she’s always picking up waifs and strays on her travels. She just can’t help herself.”


In the first four pages released for the first issue of the comic series, we meet Keeve Trennis as she is about to start her long-awaited Jedi trials, as well as her master, Sskeer, who is missing an arm. The art is in black and white, for now, as the coloring process is still not done.


No release date for the series has been announced. Check out the first four pages of the comic here: